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Maintenance Events

Industrial Info's Global Oil & Gas Maintenance Events begins at the unit level, identifying unit shutdowns at gas processing plants, compressor and pump stations, and terminals, as well as other maintenance events in sectors including Pipeline Stations, Oil Sands Production, Offshore Production, LNG Liquefaction, Natural Gas Processing, NGL Fractionation, and much more.

For each maintenance event, associated plant profiles, unit information (pumps and compressor drives), project outage reports and associated maintenance reports are available at the push of a button.

Planned and unplanned outages are thoroughly monitored by our unit-tracking teams and are continually updated, providing information including:

Units covered include:

industry iconGas Processing industry iconGas Treatment industry iconOil Production industry iconLNG Production industry iconEquipment
NGL Recovery - Cryogenic
NGL Recovery - Mechanical Refrigeration
NGL Recovery - Lean Oil Absorption
NGL Recovery - Joule Thomson
Amine Treatment
Sulfur Recovery
Tail Gas Treater
Oil Sands Production
Condensate Stabilizer
Offshore Production
LNG Liquefaction
LNG Micro
LNG Peak Shaver
Combustion Turbine Compressor & Pump Drive
Internal Combustion Compressor & Pump Drive
Electric Motor Compressor & Pump Drive

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