Oil & Gas Production

Oil & Gas Processing Facilities, Including LNG Liquefaction & Export

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operational and pre-commissioned plants

Oil and Gas Production

Globally, new oil & natural gas resources are being discovered and existing fields are being re-evaluated, leading to an increase in onshore and offshore production projects. Oil & gas production is growing worldwide as new offshore oil and gas fields are developed, existing fields are rejuvenated using new technologies, and the global LNG market continues to develop. As increasing amounts of oil and natural gas are produced from North American shale plays, crude oil and natural gas processing plants are springing up, as well as pipeline infrastructure and several high-dollar liquefaction and export facilities (LNG).

Industrial Info's Oil & Gas Production project coverage includes capital and maintenance projects valued at $1 million or more with a lead time of four to six months minimum on requests for quotes and bid documents. In addition to oil and gas extraction, projects include construction and maintenance of:

  • Gas fractionation and processing facilities
  • Gas-to-liquids (GTL) plants
  • LNG export facilities
  • Oil sands recovery (excluding mining)
  • NGL extraction and fractionation plants
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery

Our Oil & Gas Production Industry Information Platform contains detailed information on about active capital and maintenance projects with a combined value of , and operational and pre-commissioned facilities throughout the world, providing accurate, up-to-date intelligence about project milestones, equipment needs and much more. In addition, our platform includes information on hundreds of canceled or on-hold projects and inactive or decommissioned facilities.

Along with plant and project information, contact details for more than key decision-makers for projects and key plant contacts are consistently verified and updated, providing you with direct access to the people you need to find!

For those interested exclusively in the rapidly expanding LNG sector, our Global LNG Platform provides all of the features of our Plant and Projects Platforms, but is strictly for LNG projects and plants, including both import and export facilities.

Industrial Info's Oil & Gas Platform covers natural gas- and oil-related projects and plants across the globe, and includes detailed information on existing and new-build mechanical drives. The Platform includes facilities and activities in the Pipelines, Terminals and Production industries.

View the full range of SIC codes and descriptions covered in our Oil & Gas Production Industry Platform.

Companies covered in Industrial Info's Oil & Gas Production Information Platform include those involved in:

  • Onshore and Offshore Gathering Systems
  • Companies engaged in collection of crude or natural gas from the wellhead and transported to Processing Plants via pipelines. Gathering fields may involve some form of processing prior to distribution.

  • Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Processing
  • Companies involved in processing crude petroleum or natural gas delivered from the field.

  • LNG Liquefaction and Export Facilities
  • Operators of plants designed to liquefy and export liquefied natural gas.

  • Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) Facilities
  • Operators of facilities that transform natural gas into liquid fuels including gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

Oil & Gas Production Projects

Industrial Info's Oil & Gas Production Project Information Platform covers projects from the early planning stages through engineering and RFQs, to project completion.

Project Activities Included:

  • Major maintenance shutdowns & turnarounds
  • Grassroot construction
  • Expansions, upgrades & additions
  • Retooling
  • Restarts
  • Decommissioning
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Scrubbers
    • Stack
    • Flare
    • Vapor/vent collection system
    • Fire protection
    • Safety systems
    • Oil water separator
    • Spill containment areas
    • Related liners

Project Information Included:

  • Project scope & schedule
  • RFQ & bidding dates
  • Key project milestones
  • Project location
  • SIC codes
  • Plant owner & parent company
    • Design-build
    • Engineering
    • General contractors
    • Construction managers
    • And much more
  • Contact information for key decision-makers
    • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) plant
    • Carbon dioxide (CO2) separation
    • Amine system
    • Glycol dehydrator
    • Sulfur recovery
    • NGL storage (tank, sphere)
    • Compressors
    • Turbines
    • Internal combustion engines
    • Electric drives
    • Pumps
    • Blowers
    • Fractionators
    • Boilers
    • Reactors
    • Furnaces
    • Absorbers
    • Regenerators
    • Columns
    • Vessels
    • Filters
    • Condensers
    • Control systems (DCS/PLC)
    • SCADA monitoring

Oil and Gas Production Plants

Our Oil & Gas Production Industry Plant Information Platform includes detailed plant profiles for 6,900 operational and pre-commissioned facilities.

Each plant profile includes:

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