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Online Industrial Plant & Project Information
IIRís PECWeb is an online access and dissemination tool, allowing the user(s) within an organization to query, analyze, interact, inquire, map and report on the research opportunities provided by IIRís research staff for the clientís unique subscription data.

Using IIRís PECWeb system, Full Seat holders are able to apply filters against IIRís Project & Plant databases to retrieve targeted opportunities, review the opportunity details, interact by adding companies, contacts, tasks, and notes, and generate graphs and detailed reports for those opportunities. Industry Trackers further enhance the ability of PECWeb to focus on a specific Industry Segment, such as Power or Refining, and allow for further investigation into Processing Units, Outages/Turnarounds, and Equipment details.

For one or more users within an organization, administrative access privileges allow them to see their user details, including IIRís site usage details, and include the ability for customization of select areas such as assigned statuses and categories. Each user can then customize their opportunities based on these changes to include company and contact details, task follow-up, and record based notes. All user data is securely stored and available only to the members of that organization.

New PECWeb opportunities as well as constant updates are dynamically provided alerting you to those items requiring your review, while IIRís Ask Us feature allows direct connection with IIRís staff for questions regarding research details and technical support assistance.

Customer Service and Training Ė Access to IIR's PECWeb includes training workshops with IIR's Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). IIR has CSRs located in each of our global offices to provide users convenient workshop attendance opportunities regardless of location. They offer interaction with each user to understand their unique needs and requirements, and with that understanding provide a custom tailored workshop to help derive the most benefit from their PECWeb subscription. After completion of a training workshop, each user will become certified on each of the subscription products and will be asked to rate their workshop experience and provide any feedback. This allows IIR to continually enhance and hone the training and certification programs offered to each user.

IIR's client and user support does not end with the training workshop. Each user throughout the subscription to IIR's service has access to IIR's Customer Service Representatives for any assistance that may be needed. Examples can include specific technical help when accessing IIR's PECWeb service, questions regarding industry specifics, or refresher workshops to review the latest enhancements to IIR's PECWeb.

IIRís Google Map features allow for one or more opportunities to be plotted visually. This includes data overlays and driving directions to assist you when reviewing targeted opportunities.

Lite Seats work in combination with full seats, to allow more specific data management to the individual users. Lite seat holders of IIRís PECWeb system are restricted access seats that limit the database coverage for that user to only those opportunities shared with that lite user by a full seat holder.

IIRís Daily Industry News, Monthly Global Industry Analytics, and IIRís Monthly Newsletter (NAVIGATIIR) are available to all subscribed users and provide the users more insight into the Industrial Market as researched by IIR.

PECWeb Features
Project and Plant Database Search
Target your searches using more than 40 different searchable fields found in our advanced search screens. Search results can be saved for future reference, printed for immediate action, or refined to a deeper concentration. Users can save up to 30 favorite searches, target lists or popular search criteria. Other database features include mapping results, batch printing and graphing.

Mapping Results
Results from a database search can be mapped dynamically using the "Map Results" tool. Our interactive map allows you to view different layers, as well as link directly to any record on the map. Data layers include highways, natural gas and oil/refined products pipelines, electrical transmission lines, coal beds and more.

Map Location and Driving Directions
Link to an interactive, multi-theme mapping feature located at the top of each plant and project report. Mapping also includes detailed driving directions from your predefined starting point. Driving directions include turning point maps and an estimated traveling time.

Graphing Tool for Plant and Project Results
From your search results index, create animated graphs that include analysis by geography, industry, project phase, key schedule dates (AFE, RFQ, bid doc, kick-off and completion), and more.

Plant Output
Plant reports include more than 40 different data fields. Online interactive features include direct links to websites, email addresses, location-mapping and driving directions.

Project Output
Two different views are available for project reports. The standard view includes the equipment and services key needs section, while the enhanced view incorporates the key management contacts from the plant report to give you up to 12 points of contact on a report.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the online database is the continuous updating feature, which allows project and plant information updates to be delivered daily. Project updates include the status, timing and activity of the project and are situated at the top of the report.

Email Notifications
Email notifications provide you with the latest deliveries to your project subscription. This feature can be set up through our "Member Center" area, where you can choose the notification frequency.

Results Driven Reporting
Time is critical and so is information. Let us show you how we can customize reports that identify your target opportunities and deliver the information daily, weekly or monthly right to your email.

Give your PECWeb users functionality to perform sales tracking, management and follow-up activities with My PECWeb Our new sales activity tracking and collaboration tool allows users to interact with sales leads in order to perform account tracking, assignments, add contacts, make notes and more.

Corporate Administrator Feature
The Corporate Administrator feature is designed for companies that have multi-seat license subscriptions to PECWeb Direct and other Industrial Info products. With the Corporate Administrator tool, companies can designate an administrator to manage their population of online users. The Corporate Administrator feature allows you to view product assignments by user, see start and end dates for product subscriptions, identify user reassignments, and track product usage by user.

Search by User
The same search functionality found in our online products is built into the Corporate Administrator. Choose from many fields of the Basic and Advanced search screens to find user information. Search features include: saving favorite searches through "Save Searches," and saving a group of users through "Tracking Lists."

View User Details and Product Seat Assignments
User-reports contain basic information about a subscriber and a detailed list of products to which he or she has access. Product information includes subscription start and end dates, usage information related to the user's last login date, and the total number of product logins.
Software Solutions
Plant Geolocator
The Plant Geolocator is a PC based database tool designed to help clients manage all information provided by IIR, as well as their own internal company information pertaining to marketing and sales analysis. This analysis tool allows you to quickly identify and qualify sales opportunities, assess market potential, measure market penetration, identify market trends, forecast sales, and manage sales coverage, based on user defined parameters.

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IIR Data Messenger
The new IIR Data Messenger is designed to automate the process in which clients receive IIR data deliveries. This Java-based software application will replace standard email deliveries. IIR Data Messenger users will now be able to quickly and easily download files to their system automatically. Clients that presently receive electronic deliveries that include dbf, ASCII and HTML formats are eligible to receive the IIR Data Messenger free of charge. This includes clients that use the Plant Geolocator. It is required that all clients using the Plant Geolocator have the IIR Data Messenger installed on their system in order to use all functions of the Plant Geolocator version 3.0 and 3.5.

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ArcView GIS Software is a distributor of ArcView GIS software to users within the continental U.S. ArcGISģ is a scalable family of software products that forms a complete GIS built on industry standards that provides exceptional, yet easy-to-use, capabilities right out of the box.

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