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Industry Today Multi-Media Promotion Subscription

Since its creation in 2003, The Industry Today Show has become a respected, listened to and ‘revered’ program where companies operating in the industrial market come together to discuss innovation, new technology and products and services that keep industry growing. Each show is hosted by Industrial Info Resources and shared to a wide variety of people with one common interest - The Industrial Market.

The Industry Today webcast is a 10 to 20 minute interview that is hosted and promoted on www.Industrialinfo.com.
Each Industry Today webcast is promoted through several proven media channels to get the best results.

Listen to the Latest Industry Today Webcast  |  Industry Today Webcast Library

An Industry Today webcast will include the following promotions and services:
  • Press release promoting your webcast.
  • Banner ad on industrialinfo.com promoting your webcast.
  • Email campaign to your target audience.
  • Podcasting your event and syndicating throughout the internet using RSS feeds.
  • Webcast archived in IIR's Industry Today webcast library.
  • Detailed activity report of each Industry Today show promotion.
For more information, please contact our Member Services department at 1-800-762-3361 or complete the form below.


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