IIR New Products and Coverage

New Products and Coverage

Alerting you to changes in the ever-moving industrial marketplace

Industrial Info is pleased to announce that we have expanded our geographical and unit asset coverage in some of our core industries. We continue enhancing our coverage to provide you with the timely and accurate market intelligence that you've come to expect from us.

Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry European Coverage

To reflect the global reach of today's Pharmaceutical-Biotech Industry, Industrial Info has launched our European coverage, which includes projects valued at more than $9.5 billion for both product development and manufacturing.

As with our North American coverage of the sector, European coverage will include traditional pharmaceuticals (branded, generic and over-the-counter), biological (cell-based) drugs, diagnostic substances, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and nutritional supplements. The burgeoning medical device market and major laboratories will be included as well.

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Oil & Gas Sector - Opportunities During Downturn

Despite low oil & gas prices, Industrial Info continues to track more than 11,000 projects valued at $2.39 trillion in the Oil & Gas Production, Terminals and Pipelines industries, including more than $570 billion in offshore projects. While offshore oil and gas development continues in certain regions, the decommissioning of offshore platforms also accounts for several hundred million dollars of potential project activity.

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Global Food & Beverage

Industrial Info's coverage of the Food & Beverage Industry now spans all corners of the globe, accounting for more than $72 billion in project coverage. We now cover all Food & Beverage segments in Latin America, and Oceania, and continue expanding our coverage in Asia and Europe.

Food & Beverage Coverage by Geography:

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Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)

Industrial Info's NGL Platform offers users a wealth of information on the rapidly expanding natural gas liquids (NGL) sector, providing timely intelligence about NGL projects from their planning phases through construction, including equipment needs, contractors, and key project contacts. Future maintenance events (planned turnarounds) are tracked as well. In addition to the platform, IIR Energy’s NGLs Live provides continuous updates on the status of this closely watched market. Clients will have access to hands-on knowledge of plant and unit operations, outages, new capacity, and planned and unplanned turnarounds.

IIR’s NGL Platform offers full plant, unit and ownership details on NGL assets for:

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2017 Global Industrial Outlook

The Global Industrial Outlook is created from Industrial Info's platform of thousands of capital and maintenance projects. Plant and project information is continually updated and verified to ensure that your company has the most accurate, up-to-date information available.

Valuable Industry Insight: Our industry experts provide meaning and context to the numbers in insightful assessments of each industry and world region, discussing the trends, drivers and policies that will shape each industrial sector now and in the future.

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5-Year Industrial Spending Forecast (North America)

One of our best products for your budgeting and forecasting needs. The North American forecast by region provides 5 years of historical and 5 years of forecast statistics for (12) industries. View spending by industry, and budget type (Capital and Maintenance spending) from a country level down to a county level all in one interactive tool. Users can export data and charts to create reports, pivot tables, and executive summaries. Detailed market assessments are provided to give you insight into industry trends.

5-Year Industrial Spending Forecast (Global)

For an overall view of Global spending activity, Industrial Info offers the Global Forecast Analyzer by Region and Country. With over fifteen offices across the globe, and hundreds of analyst in direct contact with key personnel on every project, Industrial Info is able to provide a unique “bottom-up” market forecast for industrial spending. Currently, our analysts are tracking over 98,000 projects globally.

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