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Mail Merge - Label Generating Routine using Microsoft Word 2003

1.  Open Microsoft Word and select Tools from the menu bar. Choose Mail Merge from the drop down menu.

2.  Choose the Labels selection from the right hand menu.

3.  In the next screen, select the label option. A pop-up window will provide a series of label types to choose from. You can also create a custom label by selecting the “New Label” tab.

4.  After you have made your label, select next to add your recipients. You will want to select browse to find the Mailing List.

5.  Once you have located the list, a dialog box will appear. This box will allow you to sort the list based on the fields brought over. As an example, If you want your labels alphabetized by company, double click on the company name title field. You can also select out the records you wish not to include by deselecting the check box.

6.  Next, insert address block. You will need to match the fields of your list to Word.

7.  Matching Fields. You will need to match the field names your list has with the mail merge program. To do this, select the drop down box and choose the field that best matches the field names to the left.

8.  Next view your list. You can make changes by selecting the edit list graphic.

9.  Complete the merge and print your labels. Make sure your printer has the right mailing label paper loaded.

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