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For those interested exclusively in the rapidly expanding LNG sector, our Global LNG Platform provides all of the features of our Plant and Projects Platforms, but is strictly for LNG projects and plants, including both import and export facilities.

As natural gas production ramps up in the U.S. and demand for natural gas continues increasing in areas with little available natural gas, such as Southeast Asia, the LNG market is one of the most high-value industrial sectors in the world. Industrial Info's coverage of this dynamic sector will keep you up to date on all the latest planning, permitting and construction details for LNG projects and facilities.

As a package, LNG coverage includes profiles for all operational plants and those in various stages of development. Each operational LNG plant profile includes ownership information, address, startup year, and key functional management contacts including plant manager, maintenance manager, engineering manager and purchasing manager. Our team of researchers around the world keeps each profile accurate and up to date.

The platform covers LNG projects across the world, from early planning stages through project completion, and includes contact information for key project decision-makers. Project reports include an in-depth project scope, and identify key equipment and service requirements. Reports also provide a definitive schedule, outlining release dates for equipment RFQs and bid docs, timeframes for AFE approval, E&C firm selections, and construction kickoff and completion dates.

Capital and maintenance project coverage is updated regularly throughout the life of projects in the U.S. and Canada and contains information including:

LNG plant profiles include:

  Production (Liquefaction & Export Facilities) Terminals (Import & Regasification Facilities)
World Region Project Count TIV ($Millions) Project Count TIV ($Millions)
Africa 9 $38,300 * *
Asia 13 $26,661 76 $47,673
Europe 1 $2,000 58 $20,916
North America 52 $153,954 5 $3,661
Oceania 91 $282,878 * *
Central & South America 6 $3,520 17 $4,125
Total 172 $507,313 156 $76,375

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