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LNG Database


The natural gas liquids (NGL) sector is one of the most dynamic and closely watched corners of the energy marketplace, and Industrial Info's NGL Platform offers a wealth of information for those who need to monitor plants and projects within this industry segment.

As natural gas production continues to increase across the U.S. and other parts of the world, producers have focused sharply on the valuable NGL market and are investing in production, pipeline and terminal facilities to meet growing production and increasing global demand.

Large consumers of NGLs in the U.S. are expected to benefit from the current low-price environment due to oversupply. These economics make it critical to monitor and track activity for NGL operations and spending trends.

Industrial Info's NGL Platform contains detailed information for approximately 1,000 active capital and maintenance projects with a combined investment value of $105 billion, and more than 620 operational and pre-commissioned facilities and more than 1,000 individual units in the U.S. and Canada, providing accurate, up-to-date intelligence about project milestones, equipment needs and much more. Details for more than 600 future maintenance events (turnarounds) in gas processing and chemical units are tracked as well.

In addition, this platform includes information on hundreds of canceled or on-hold projects and inactive or decommissioned facilities.

IIR's NGL Database offers full plant, unit and ownership details on NGL assets for:

  • Ethane, propane and butane
  • Condensate splitters
  • Ethylene and propylene
  • Fractionators and gas processing
  • LPG and natural gasoline
  • Pipelines and storage
  • Import and export facilities

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