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IIR Data MessengerTM

IIR Data Messenger Version 1.0

The new IIR Data Messenger is designed to automate the process in which clients receive IIR data deliveries. This Java-based software application will replace standard email deliveries. IIR Data Messenger users will now be able to quickly and easily download files to their system automatically. Clients that presently receive electronic deliveries that include dbf, ASCII and HTML formats are eligible to receive the IIR Data Messenger free of charge. This includes clients that use the Plant Geolocator. It is required that all clients using the Plant Geolocator have the IIR Data Messenger installed on their system in order to use all functions of the Plant Geolocator version 3.0 and 3.5.

How it Works:

When the IIR Data Messenger is launched from the users desktop, a communication link is established to IIR's ftp server that will check to see if any new updates are available for delivery. If the IIR Data Messenger finds a new update, it will download the file back to the users desktop and to a specified target location where it can be unzipped, and viewed. The IIR Data Messenger will periodically communicate back to the ftp server based on the time intervals set up through the software program.

Client’s who wish to receive the IIR Data Messenger free software upgrade, must fill out the Free Sign-Up Form below and submitted it back to our technical support group for scheduling. Our technical staff will arrange a date and time preference with your company based on a first-come, first-serve bases.

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IIR Data Messenger Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, or XP
  • JavaWebStart
  • Internet Connection
  • Independent Program for File Transfers
  • Automated delivery of data to client specified target location
  • Transactional Log to verify successful transfers
  • Sound Notification of file transfer completion
  • Delivery of non-specific data (Can deliver any type of electronic file through IIR Data Messenger)
  • Product updates are fully automatic
IIR Data Messenger integration with Plant Geolocator

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