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Plant GeolocatorTM

Plant Geolocator Version 3.5 - Available Now

The Plant Geolocator is a PC based database tool designed to help clients manage all information provided by IIR, as well as their own internal company information pertaining to marketing and sales analysis. This analysis tool allows you to quickly identify and qualify sales opportunities, assess market potential, measure market penetration, identify market trends, forecast sales, and manage sales coverage, based on user defined parameters.

Integrate IIR's Company, Plant, and Project spending data with your own internal sales data to better understand the markets you cover. The Plant Geolocator includes customized graphical user interface (GUI) buttons, designed by IIR, to combine data query functionality with mapping features that allow you to visualize Company, Plant, and Project spending data in geographical format, thus creating powerful marketing maps and customized reports, graphs, and charts on-the-fly. You can also export user-defined data fields into other corporate software tools, such as Excel and Access, or import data to the in-house management systems you already use.

Active subscribers of the IIR Plant Geolocator will receive new software upgrades free of charge as they become available. Currently scheduled upgrades include enhanced database and map functions and include the addition of a new Projects data table.

For more information on Plant Geolocator Version 3.5, click here.

Standard Features:
  • Manage IIR data with built in import data manager complete with synchronization and automatic updating as new data is delivered.
  • Includes ESRI's Arcview 3.3 mapping software.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) buttons customized to query, analyze, and view plant and project data in tables, maps, and report formats.
  • Includes Seagate’s Crystal Report Writer 8.5 used for creating client driven reports including mailing labels, charts, and graphs.
  • Includes standard geographical attributes such as country, state, county and MSA boundaries, street, road, highway, rivers and railways and etc.
  • Create maps using plants, units & project spending data in relationship to user-defined sales territory themes, shape files and much more, in order to analyze market opportunities based on user parameters.
  • Integration of the IIR Data Messenger version 1.0 automates the process in which clients receive IIR data deliveries.
Software Functionality:

Key Account Identification:

Identify and target key account opportunities by analyzing company, plant and project information. Using the query and mapping capabilities of the Plant Geolocator, you can identify key accounts by location, company, or by targeting a specific Plant to identify it’s past, present and future spending potential.

Market Potential:

Analyzing market potential is critical for any business. The Plant Geolocator compiles IIR plant and project spending information to produce valuable statistics that can help direct your sales and marketing efforts. Understand in more detail which sales territories have the most and least revenue generation potential.

Summary Analysis:

The Plant Geolocator can be used to quickly summarize, group, and analyze data by any data element in any data table. You can quickly create summary tables, graphs and charts using the Plant Geolocator’s simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) buttons and tools.


Reporting in the Plant Geolocator is accomplished through the built in HTML Report Writer or through Seagate Crystal Reports (version 8.5). The Plant Geolocator’s HTML Report Writer uses your existing web browser (Internet Explorer 4.0 or better) to view and print detailed data table information. Through the Plant Geolocator’s link process combine attributes from the company, plant and project data tables to produce meaningful output reports.

Seagate Crystal Reports (version 8.5) is included as part of the Plant Geolocator install and allows you to generate reports to include data, graphs, charts, and images into customized layouts.


The Plant Geolocator includes functionality to export data into other graphic, mapping or database formats allowing you to access information in other programs. Data tables can be exported directly, as with the “Export to Excel” function, or can be exported to a stand alone database allowing you to import information into your own database software. Maps and images are also part of the exporting feature which can be used in software programs such as Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

Direct Mail Campaigns: (Mailing Labels and Form Letters)

One of the valuable tools available with the Plant Geolocator is the mailing label and form letter feature. In a few simple steps, create direct mail campaigns from selected plant and project contacts you wish to address, then custom tailor form letters based on the message you wish to send.

Integration of Client Data:

By importing your data into the Plant Geolocator, you add more value to your data and gain access to all the abilities and functions of the Plant Geolocator. You can use your information to analyze your sales territories, plot company locations, overlay sales data or perform competitive Analysis.

Territory Analysis:

Territory analysis is an important feature of IIR's Plant Geolocator. Buffer zone and radius functionality allows users to target an area specifying the radius or area parameters, therefore displaying the plant coverage or project spending information desired.

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