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Plant GeolocatorTM : New Software Upgrades

Plant Geolocator enhancements will be provided to users free of charge on a first-come first-serve bases. Installation of the IIR Data Messenger will be required to use all functions of Plant Geolocator 3.0 and 3.5.

IIR Data Messenger - Available Now

The IIR Data Messenger is designed to automate the process in which clients receive IIR data deliveries. This Java-based software application replaces standard email deliveries. IIR Data Messenger users will now be able to quickly and easily download files to their system automatically. Clients that presently receive electronic deliveries that include dbf, ASCII and HTML formats are eligible to receive the IIR Data Messenger free of charge. This includes clients that use the Plant Geolocator. It is required that all clients using the Plant Geolocator have the IIR Data Messenger installed on their system in order to use all functions of the Plant Geolocator version 3.0 and 3.5.

Plant Geolocator Version 3.5 - Available Now

Version 3.5 includes the installation of the IIR Data Messenger version 1.0. This will automate the process in which Plant Geolocator users receive data deliveries. This new software enhancement will replace standard email delivery updates that users are presently receiving. As part of the integration of the IIR Data Messenger, the Upload Results Table and Historical Tracking Table are included.Also incorporated in Version 3.5 are the modifications to the Plant Data Table for email addresses and new Fields including (2) additional contacts. The Companies Data Table has been added and the PEC Table modifications for email addresses and Fields for “Contact Type” are included. Program Changes including the ability to allow selection color changes for maps and tables are incorporated.

New to Version 3.5, will be the addition of a new Project Tracking Data Table allowing the dynamic updating of Project information. Also available will be a new PEC to Unit linking table. This table will allow a direct relationship between PEC Report and Project information and the specific units those Project reports affect. Included will be a new Fuels Table identifying the multiple fuel types found at a particular plant location. Updates to the Base Maps installed in Geolocator for the Countries, States and County Map Layers are incorporated. New Program Changes include tools to enhance the export, query, and sorting capabilities of the Plant Geolocator. Included in these are the ability to Export to Excel, to sort based on multiple fields, and to Export Maps and Data to a WebPage.

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