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Exclusive Sessions at Electric Power 2014 - Post Session Information

Thank you for attending our sessions in New Orleans, LA

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View the Power Industry Outlook PowerPoint
The Power Industry is experiencing one of the biggest shakeups in its history. The abundance of natural gas from shale plays, new environmental legislation, aging infrastructure, plant retirements, and an increasing portfolio of renewable energy projects are pulling the industry in several new directions. Industrial Info's Power Industry Outlook helps make sense of these trends and discovers how they will affect Power Industry spending over the next 12 to 24 months.

Presented by Britt Burt, VP of Global Power Industry Research, and Shane Mullins, VP of Product Development Power Industry Research
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2014 Industrial Market Outlook
Industrial Info provided a broader view of North American industrial markets during our "Top-Line" spending forecast, covering 12 industrial sectors, including Electric Power Generation. IIR gave insight into the big picture of how the drivers and constraints for all industrial sectors will affect plant spending in the U.S. and Canada, and discussed its spending indicators, including Construction Starts, Project Fallout, Project Restarts (previously canceled or on-hold projects coming back to life) and our Project Spending Index.

Presented by Michael Bergen, Senior Vice President of Marketing
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The Global Industrial Outlook
Providing an in-depth analysis for twelve industrial market segments.