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June 2016

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Texas Has Bragging Rights as Most Active State for Wind Power Development

U.S. wind power project activity continues growing at a brisk pace. Nowhere is that pace faster than in Texas, where 32 projects valued at $14.2 billion are scheduled to begin construction over the next two years.

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Global Project Restarts Surpass $65 Billion for Second-Quarter

Globally, Industrial Info is tracking more than 200 projects worth more than $65 billion that previously were canceled or placed on hold, but have returned to an active status between the beginning of April and the end of June.

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North American Crude Oil Pipeline Spending Tapers Off this Year while Mileage Grows

Industries, like empires, go through periods of great expansion as well as lulls of peace. From 2012 through 2014, North America finished adding or converting over 7,000 miles of crude oil transmission pipe, spending over $14 billion in the process.

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The Tale of Shell and Sasol: The Ups and Downs of the U.S.
Ethylene Wave

A couple of news items this week demonstrate the promises and potential pitfalls of U.S. ethylene projects seeking to take advantage of low-cost ethane feedstock.

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