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Plant Geolocator
The Plant Geolocator is a PC based database tool designed to help clients manage all information provided by IIR, as well as their own internal company information pertaining to marketing and sales analysis. This analysis tool allows you to quickly identify and qualify sales opportunities, assess market potential, measure market penetration, identify market trends, forecast sales, and manage sales coverage, based on user defined parameters. Plant Geolocator
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IIR Data Messenger
The new IIR Data Messenger is designed to automate the process in which clients receive IIR data deliveries. This Java-based software application will replace standard email deliveries. IIR Data Messenger users will now be able to quickly and easily download files to their system automatically. Clients that presently receive electronic deliveries that include dbf, ASCII and HTML formats are eligible to receive the IIR Data Messenger free of charge. This includes clients that use the Plant Geolocator. It is required that all clients using the Plant Geolocator have the IIR Data Messenger installed on their system in order to use all functions of the Plant Geolocator version 3.0 and 3.5. IIR Data Messenger
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