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Benchworkzz Provides Stronger, More Reliable SAS Code, a Special Feature of "Industry Today"

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SUGAR LAND--October 7, 2014--Researched by Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas)--The SAS (Statistical Analysis System) software suite is used daily across the world for statistics, data manipulation and predicative analytics in virtually all industries, including Energy, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical-Biotech, and Finance. While SAS is a powerful tool, the programs using SAS are only as good as the code that goes into them. As any software programmer or developer knows, small errors inevitably become larger, leading to operational problems or compromised data down the road. This is where Benchworkzz software comes in, helping prevent errors at the moment they are created in the SAS programming process.

Benchworkzz software scrubs SAS data-mining code as it is being written, providing immediate defense against rogue errors remaining in the code. This helps create a strong, robust code from the outset, providing the key qualities that all programmers and organizations strive for in the development process--data integrity and reusability.

Kirk Lafler, president of San Diego-based Software Intelligence Corporation and one of the world's leading experts in SAS software, describes the power of Benchworkzz in the development of SAS applications: "With the introduction of Benchworkzz as a robust, integrated tool, we have the ability to allow the end users and programmers to become extremely productive. Now they can let the tool, Benchworkzz, do all the heavy lifting for them in finding and identifying the errors," says Lafler. "Their job is made a lot easier because now they can go through and fix the problems right way, rather than expend all that energy to simply find the problems."

In this special technology edition of "Industry Today," Jack Warkenthien speaks with Lafler about the strengths and leveraging capabilities of Benchworkzz in the SAS programming process. Learn more about how Benchworkzz can help eliminate errors in creating SAS code, helping your organization save time, money, and ultimately benefit from stronger, more reliable coding in SAS applications from the beginning.

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