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The Next Big Thing! 2-4 Megawatts from One High-Speed Package by Caterpillar

Caterpillar Incorporated (NYSE:CAT) invested thousands of hours of customer research to create the foundation for the C175 design concept. The C175 family of diesel generator sets offers the most power you can get in any single high-speed package from 2 to 4 megawatts (MW).

Developing the C175 required detailed design work that involved dozens of engineers and tens of thousands of man-hours. Twenty dedicated focus teams integrated the test, development and design functions of the C175 project. The teams utilized extensive analysis and validation tools, including more than 85 standardized tests for component and system endurance -- all designed to ensure the C175 would set new standards in performance and reliability. As the project progressed, the teams realized they had broken new ground and set the stage for the "next big thing" in diesel power generation.

Some of the major advantages of the C175 family include 2-4 MW from a single high-speed package, lower installed cost with smaller footprint, lower operation and maintenance costs, meeting U.S. Tier 2 EPA emission levels, proven reliability and durability from 3500 diesel platform series plus more. The C175's ease of integration with electrical system components and extensive global dealer network for product service and support provided by Caterpillar make this generation unit an easy choice for a variety of power generation applications.

The versatility of the C175 makes it ideal for a variety of applications. The C175 is well suited for base-load, utility, and peak shaving needs while also providing reliable solutions for typical applications such as industrial, pumping, construction, emergency standby and much more.

Join Chad Dozier of Caterpillar to learn more about the advantages offered by the C175 family of generators, including the wide power range, systems integration and more. Click Here to hear this or any of the more than 380 previous "Industry Today" webcasts covering topics important to industry spending, including trends, outlooks, and focus segments on specific industries.

For more information on the Cat C175 diesel generator set, or to find the Cat dealer nearest you, please visit us on the web at www.cat2-4mw.com or e-mail cat_power@cat.com.