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Safely Repair Equipment in High-Temperature Environments While Staying Online, by HRI Incorporated

Industrial Info will host special guest HRI Incorporated (Buffalo, Missouri), a subsidiary of Transfield Services Americas, as part of this week's "Industry Today" webcast. HRI employs a patented Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) system that allows high-temperature technicians to safely perform repairs and inspections in extreme heat situations. HRI's skilled technicians utilize this PPE system, along with tools, processes and procedures developed from more than 900 projects, to execute critical-path reduction strategies and operational repairs while equipment remains in production. These repairs include welding and mechanical tasks in high-temperature environments in industries such as refining, chemical processing, power generation, steel production and mining.

HRI's proprietary technology allows work to be performed efficiently and safely in high-temperature areas by reducing heat exposure to craftspeople in heavy industry. The technology features a multi-layered protective garment equipped with internal air conditioning, full-face respiratory protection, integrated health monitoring and other safeguards. The PPE system protects against radiant energy, conductive heat and ambient heat in different environments and provides ample air and cooling for the technicians performing the work.

Integrated fall protection using an ANSI-tested full-body harness required by many heavy industry owners gives HRI the unique ability to perform work in areas that would otherwise be off limits due to safety concerns. A built-in communications system that includes video capabilities assists in either inspecting the situation or documenting projects and activities while in progress. In open areas, work can be performed on equipment registering up to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit. In confined spaces, technicians can perform repairs and inspections in temperatures as high as 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

By performing welding and mechanical repairs to damaged equipment such as boilers, blinding, catalytic reduction units and blast furnaces, owners are able to avoid the costly downtime required to cool the unit. HRI is also well-known throughout North America for its critical path analysis and consulting on high-temperature applications, delivering efficiencies and further cost savings to clients.

Join Roger Rankin, the president of HRI, along with the host of "Industry Today" to learn more about HRI's technology for high-temperature services in the industrial sector. Click here to hear this or any of the more than 600 previous "Industry Today" webcasts, covering topics important to industry spending, including trends, outlooks and focus segments on specific industries.

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