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Innovative Engineering & Real-Time Data Management Program, Thielsch Engineering, Inc.
Headquartered in Cranston, Rhode Island, Thielsch Engineering, Inc. has remained a trusted resource for power producers and advanced manufacturers for more than 40 years. Thielsch Engineering, Inc. has a combined 13 divisions with offices in Rhode Island, Ohio, Texas and Florida. It proudly serves a wealth of industry leaders across the U.S and internationally.

Thielsch Engineering, Inc. specializes in Equipment and System Evaluation, Integrity Analysis, Condition Assessment, Engineering Evaluation, Consulting, NDE Services, Materials Engineering, Fracture Mechanics and Damage Assessments. Thielsch has extensive experience working with critical components such as high-energy piping and boiler systems from design and installation to full-service maintenance and useful life assessments.

Thielsch Engineering, Inc. spearheaded the 4-SYTE System Strategy Program in 2005. The 4-SYTE Strategy is an interactive data management program that gives energy and utility companies access to initial design, repairs, updates and operational information for critical boiler and piping systems in "real-time." The secure web-based program provides the detail and insight needed to streamline the complex tasks of evaluating equipment conditions, forecasting outage budgets and schedules, and performing risk assessments.

Thielsch Engineering, Inc. offers its customers an opportunity to manage their facilities more efficiently with the 4-SYTE System Strategy, while providing advanced engineering solutions before and after problems arise. This combined method of integrated engineering and high-tech data management is currently utilized by more than 60 facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Join Bob Smoske, Vice President of Business Development, along with the host of "Industry Today" to learn why Thielsch Engineering, Inc. is a first-choice partner for all of your advanced engineering projects.

Bob Smoske can be reached at 440-729-8866 or by email at rsmoske@thielsch.com. You may also visit Thielsch Engineering, Inc. on the web at www.thielsch.com and www.thielschfes.com.

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