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Navigating the Currents of Change
An exclusive webcast from Industrial Info Resources that features leading industry experts discussing future trends and spending activities in the industrial market. Each week a new topic is highlighted covering one of twelve industrial segments in a short 15 minute, knowledge filled, webcast. Navigating the Currents of Change is your compass to help you navigate through the uncertainty in today’s marketplace. Listen at your leisure here on or subscribe to our podcast.

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Industry Today Show
Industry Today is a unique radio talk show format that features diversified news, segments involving companies and trends taking place in the industrial market, plus related business, economic and financial programs. The Industry Today show podcasts are produced exclusively by (Industrial Info Resources).

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Industry News Alerts
Industrial Info Resources provides daily industry news on the global industrial marketplace with topics that focus on project expenditures, plant and corporate trends, and contract awards. Our news is exclusive to which is produced by our research experts located in the U.S., China, South America, Africa and Europe. Subscribe to this podcast and listen to a brief overview of the news articles published for the day.

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