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Navigating the Currents of Change

An exclusive webcast from Industrial Info Resources that features leading industry experts discussing future trends and spending activities in the industrial market. Each week a new topic is highlighted covering one of twelve industrial segments in a short 15 minute, knowledge filled, webcast. Navigating the Currents of Change is your compass to help you navigate through the uncertainty in today's marketplace.

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Changing Regulations, Fuel Sources Keep Power Industry in State of Flux

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Brock Ramey, Industrial Info's Manager of North America Power Research

Researched by Industry Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas)--The U.S Power Industry is experiencing intense change. The uncertain outcome of pending environmental legislation, the development of renewable energy sources and required transmission infrastructure, and a market adjusting to plenty of low-cost natural gas are simultaneously impacting the Power Industry, leading power generators, distributors and the industry's equipment and service providers into new, uncharted territory.

Our host points out the conjunction of environmental legislation and the resurgence of natural gas-fired power in the U.S. has basically forced most new-build coal-fired and nuclear power construction off the table, leaving only planned maintenance and refueling outages as the primary activity in these sectors.