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Gulf Coast Industrial Spending Activities - 2015 Edition
North America Industrial Market Information Map Series

Format: Laminated, High Resolution Inkjet
Available Size: 42" x 73"
Publication Date: June 2015

Find out who's spending and who's planning to spend in the Gulf Coast $495.00     

Industrial Info is tracking more than $365 billion in industrial projects that are under way or planned to begin in the future along the U.S. Gulf Coast. With more than $190 billion in active projects, Texas leads the region in terms of the value of industrial spending, followed by Louisiana, which has more than $150 billion in planned spending. Together, these two states account for approximately 95% of the Gulf Coast industrial spending being tracked by Industrial Info.
The largest planned projects are for LNG liquefaction and export facilities, and these help put the Oil & Gas Production Industry in the top position in terms of the combined total investment value of projects. In addition, the region's Chemical Processing Industry is rushing to take advantage of the abundance of inexpensive natural gas to use as a feedstock in the production of ethylene, methanol, fertilizers and other products, adding billions of dollars to the region's planned project activity.

A must-have for sales and marketing professionals!

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In addition to showing the geographic location of facilities, Plant listings feature:
  • Owner Name
  • Plant Name
  • Plant Operating Status (planned, engineered, operational, under construction, closed, shuttered)
  • Plant ID - vital link to our plant platform for further plant information (Intelligence Platform Subscription Required)
  • Geo-Reference (State and County/Parish)
  • Plant SIC Code
  • Status of Spending Activity categorized in to three major groups:
    • Project(s) started prior to 2015
    • Project(s) planned to start construction in 2015
    • Project(s) planned to start construction beyond 2015

Gulf Coast Industrial Market Information Map Series - 2015 Edition
(Gulf Coast Industrial Spending Activities Map + 4 Regional Locator Maps)
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