• 2017 US Labor Supply & Demand Market Outlook Webinar

    2017 US Labor Supply & Demand Market Outlook
    April 12, 2017
    Learn the top 10 U.S. metropolitan regions that will see labor supply and demand imbalances over the next three years.
    While the Gulf Coast region has been the hotspot for supply and demand imbalances, industrial activity in other parts of the country are experiencing similar issues with supply shortages and escalating wage rates. In this webinar, IIR will discuss the various regions and market drivers shaping the next three years of industrial plant spending and the requirement for skilled craft labor. Join Tony Salemme, VP of Craft Labor, Michael Bergen, executive VP, and Shaheen Chohan, VP of Global Analytics, as they highlight labor trends across the country.
    The webinar will cover the following topics and more:
    • » Mega project development creates labor supply issues in various regions
    • » Labor demand growth peaks in various metropolitan areas
    • » Combating wage rate growth. What’s worked in the past?
    • » Hot spots for recruiting skilled craft workers
    • » Increased drilling in shale plays exposes labor shortages
    • » The outlook for maintenance activity along the Gulf Coast region
    Webinar Information:
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    icon  April 12, 2017
    icon   9:00 AM (CDT), 10:00 AM (EDT), 3:00 PM (CET)
    Industries Covered:
    • Labor