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On-Demand Webinar

Despite barbs flying from every direction, including patent loss and looming price controls, the Pharmaceutical-Biotech industry pushes on to grow across the globe. Varied in a nature, investment type is dictated by a particular region's market demand, be it a simple antibiotic in an emerging country to advanced biological manufacturing.

Demand is the key word. New drug approvals are flowing, even as cannabis steadily establishes its legitimacy and potential within the industry. Change is in the air, thanks to entirely new markets and products.

The industry is employing new ways of manufacturing, as single use systems (SUS) gain acceptance, while the addition and/or shift from batch to continuous processing is on the rise.

Annette Kreuger, Industrial Info's VP of Global Research - Pharmaceutical-Biotech, and Shaheen Chohan, VP of Global Analytics, discuss the trends that are driving pharmaceutical-biotech global spending.

The webinar covered the following topics and more:
  • » How location dictates project purpose
  • » Demonstrations of spending by industry segment
  • » A focus on key market drivers influencing future spending
  • » Capital spending by project type [expansions, additions, etc.]
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