2019-2020 Global Refining Spending Outlook Webinar

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Webinar Information

  • Cost: Complimentary
  • Date: Oct. 3, 2019
  • Time: 7:00 AM (PDT), 9:00 AM (CDT), 10:00 AM (EDT)
  • Industries Covered: Petroleum Refining

Topics Will Include

  • The market trends driving capital spending and the regions with the biggest opportunities
  • The outlook for planned turnaround activity and associated spend
  • Market trends that will drive future in-plant spending growth
  • The current and projected net crude processing changes that will influence short-term capital spending

Featured Speakers

Chris Paschall

VP Of Global Research, Oil & Gas and Petroleum Refining Industries

IIR27 Years Tenure with IIR IIR

Chris Paschall Bio

Chris Paschall is responsible for research & product development for global Petroleum Refining activities.

He has been instrumental in developing a comprehensive refinery intelligence platform, which identifies all major processing areas, units and contacts associated with each location. Chris also manages research activities that support energy traders.

Shaheen Chohan

VP of Global Analytics

IIR8 Years Tenure with IIR IIR

Shaheen Chohan Bio

Shaheen Chohan leads IIR's Global Analytics and has held several roles with Tier 1 strategy consulting firms as well as Strategic Marketing roles within Reuters.

Shaheen was Director of a Dubai-based energy infrastructure market intelligence and consulting boutique. Shaheen is currently based in Dubai but services clients globally. A UK national, Shaheen received his BSc from the University of London and MSc from University of Sheffield.

Global Refining Spending Outlook Webinar

Industrial Info will be reviewing the short- and long-term market trends that will shape and drive future capital and maintenance project spending.

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