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Analytics Dashboard & Reports

DOE Report:

An interactive version of the Weekly DOE Report. Weekly Report analyzes the release of EIA's petroleum data. Compare the differences in capacity offline affected caused by refinery turnarounds, see how different unit types.

Power Turbine Report:

Forecast of different costs associated with power turbine maintenance in the U.S.A. Data can be drilled down to the turbine manufacturer and type. Analyze how the installed base of power units change over time. The data allows you drill down to the specific units that are associated with maintenance cost for power units.

Refinery Turnaround Predictor:

The Turnaround Predictor is the actual predictions of when unit turnarounds are expected to happen. This is a modeled approach that utilizes past turnaround cycles, margins and other outside variables to determine when a unit is estimated to shutdowns for maintenance. This is intended to be actionable level data for business development person.

Analytics Dashboard Video Tour

Click the thumbnail image to watch a video tour of how we use Power-BI and Tableau to enhance our data.

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