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PowerCast Live

IIR Energyís PowerCast Live provides Electric Power market participants accurate, detailed and actionable information for the North American generation markets, giving users a clear understanding of supply fundamentals to help monetize assets and positions in the power markets. Users receive real-time, comprehensive and accurate supply information to support decision-making for short and long-term markets.

PowerCast Live provides critical information to all market participants, including:

  • All past, current and planned generation unit outages
  • New build and unit retirements
  • Plant and unit information, including fuel burn, capacity and emissions output data

IIRís team of experienced and dedicated research professionals provides continuously updated, telephone-verified information for the North American and European generation footprints. Unique, real-time primary research on plant and unit statuses gives users the edge on supply analytics. Web-based analytical software allows users to quantify the supply changes due to outages, new and retiring capacity, and the day-to-day activity of the North American and European markets.

PowerCast Live provides dynamic data for Installed Base, New Build and Outages.

These products contain the following features:

  • Easy online access
  • Email/Telephone hotline
  • Graphing and charting tools
  • Email alerts/instant messaging where appropriate
  • Raw data delivery through a secure FTP feed
  • The ability to download data to Excel
  • Map-it feature to easily locate facilities
  • Installed Base

    Base Sample

    PowerCast Live provides a complete database of the entire North American generation portfolio. Users have easy access to details and attributes for every North American power plant.

    Unit profiles for more than 17,000 generating units include:

  • Heat rate
  • Contacts
  • Startup dates
  • Primary and secondary fuel types
  • Load designation
  • Technology details
  • Current unit status
  • Capacities (designed, operating and seasonal)
  • Information is continuously updated, providing users a dynamic database of North American power generation to help support analytics and trading fundamentals such as generation curves, reserve margins, fuel stacks and costs to generate.

    Key Attributes:

  • Plant & unit counts
  • Ownership structure
  • Online date
  • Starts/Stops
  • Generation database tables
  • Plant/Unit configurations
  • Heat rate
  • Plant/Unit status, unit type
  • Plant and unit capacity
  • Run time
  • Market region
  • Boiler profile
  • Capacity factor
  • Emissions
  • Technology turbine profile
  • Location: physical address, lat/long, trade region, GIS map
  • Outages

    Outage Report

    Provides past, current and future outage details, with continuous updates and real-time hotline service, on all planned and unplanned outages. With more than 3,500 power stations and 17,000 electric generating units in the database, users have a fast, reliable, accurate and transparent way to see generation availability status at the ground level. Aggregating the data gives power traders and analysts true year-over-year benchmarking, forecasting and modeling data to support accurate supply assessments, trading and hedging strategies.

    Key Attributes:

  • Size, MWs, counts, etc.
  • Outage cause and comments
  • Outage start/stop dates
  • Unit status history (from 1996)
  • Heat rate
  • Fuel type
  • De-rates
  • Event impact
  • Tracks planned and unplanned events
  • Product Features:

  • My Reports - Provides tailored analytics that present a broad, cohesive overview of how individual events affect different market sectors
  • Access to IIRís expert staff for interaction
  • Saved Search Alerts - Provides instant notification when outages match parameters of your choosing
  • New Build

    New Build

    Provides continuous tracking and details of all new generating unit construction and the status of each and all projects (down to the unit level) that are under development in North America. Obtain alerts and reports, with commissioning dates from tomorrow out to 2025. This product gives continuous updates on the lifespan of these projects and provides notifications of canceled, on-hold and commissioned startup units to the day. IIRís expert staff is easily accessible to answer any questions or obtain further details.

    Key Attributes:

  • Capacity size, MWs, counts, etc.
  • Future construction and unit startup dates
  • Fuel type and genset unit type
  • Grassroot projects
  • Plant/Unit additions and expansions
  • Fuel conversions
  • Repowerings
  • Environmental spending
  • GenStack Emissions


    Integrates actual generation and emissions-output data from various governmental sources with IIR's Power Generation Database to provide clear details on each fossil unit.

    Data is quick and easy to access, allowing users to measure and predict generation prices more quickly and accurately, and includes:

  • Details of emissions by CO2, SOx, NOx, mercury, PM, etc.
  • Startup times and run times by unit
  • Linked to IIRís Unit Profiles to provide detailed unit information
  • Hourly heat rates
  • Fuel burns
  • Actual capacity factors
  • Hotline

    Need up-to-date details on breaking energy news? Ever wonder if that nuclear unit will be running tomorrow? Require firsthand knowledge close to the source?
    Hit us up on the IIR Energy hotline for accurate, fast, live interaction with our frontline research staff to uncover the breaking news and current details on supply disruption events, covering all unplanned & forced outages from weather events, mechanical failure, catastrophes and all other circumstances.

    Connect via web interface, email, or call us for more information
    Telephone: (713) 980-1779
    Email: iirteam@iirenergy.com
    Request a Free Trial