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Tracking over 259,000 Plant Locations with over 200,000 Active Projects worth $17.41 Trillion (USD)
World Region Active Project Count * Active TIV USD * Operational Plant Count ** Contact Count **
North America 39,006 $3,085 81,212 547,274
Middle America 1,791 $59 1,174 7,761
South America 20,057 $1,227 10,630 71,432
Europe 34,895 $2,301 45,655 146,118
Africa 9,147 $966 8,034 27,116
Asia 94,791 $9,216 105,623 308,273
Oceania 5,105 $560 7,247 24,196
Totals 204,792 $17,414 259,575 1,132,170
* Investment values in billions $USD
* Active projects represent current and future spending opportunities that have been verified over the last 12 months.
** All plant profiles and related contacts are updated on a 12-month cycle.
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Europe to Boost LNG Capacity with Eight Terminals
The European Union (EU) is set to boost its liquefied natural gas (LNG) import capacity by almost a third over the coming year as it continues to eliminate Russian-sourced oil and gas from its energy mix.
Wednesday, March 22, 2023 Production
Protestas, desastres naturales y las fallas operativas afectan la producción de PetroEcuador
Una serie de eventos han impactado las operaciones de la compañía de energía en los últimos días, lo que ha llevado a la disminución de la producción de petróleo en sus activos
Tuesday, March 21, 2023 Production
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