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Market Analytics Engine (MAE) Refinery Capacity Insights (RCI)

Save time manipulating spreadsheets and battling date formats. IIR Energy's Refinery Capacity Insights tool visualizes refinery unit capacity and offline events time series easily and quickly.

  • Visualize, analyze, and compare unit capacity changes, additions, closures, and offline events.
    • 10+ unit categories (e.g., CDUs, Cokers, Alkylation)
    • Time series history from 2015 at monthly granularity
    • Future capacity insights to 2030 and beyond
    • Export capability
  • Drill down to refinery-level data or aggregate by trading region, country, world region, or access global totals.
  • Explore the impacts of planned and unplanned refinery offline events and capacity changes with the ability to compare future and historical views from multiple time travel dates.