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Peggy Tuck

Host of IIR's Industry News Cast

IIR14 Years Tenure with IIR
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Peggy Tuck's Bio

Peggy brings more than 40 years of experience from the television and radio industry to her position. During that time, she has served as News Anchor, Public Affairs Director, Talk Show Host, Spokesperson and Producer for both television and radio.

Peggy began her career doing commercials and voiceovers for local, regional and national clients such Kool-Aid, Mazola Corn Oil, Ruger Rifles and Florida Grapefruit Council, She has received several Press Club awards for investigative reporting while working at KIKK Radio. She was also nominated for a Lone Star Emmy while working for Great Day Houston on KHOU-TV. As well as hosting IIR's daily news updates and webinars for the past 10 years, Peggy also hosts Straight Talk Money, a business radio show. Peggy's knowledge of the industry along with her valuable network of local and national connections makes her an asset to the team.