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IIR Energy Alliance Partners

IIR Energy's broad network of alliance partners allows users to maximize IIR Energy's supply-side intelligence with state-of-the-art companies that help you predict prices, congestion and commodity movements. IIR Energy has deep relationships with companies like Refinitiv, Yes Energy, Dayzer and many others listed here, which allow you to have a consolidated workflow approach, with maximum results. Here is the list of our partnerships that carry IIR Energy data.

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Reuters is the world's leading source of actionable intelligence for millions of business professionals around the globe.

Powered by Thomson Reuters, the world's most trusted information brand, Reuters delivers professional-grade news, opinion and analysis, providing key decision makers their inside edge.

NRG Stream

NRGSTREAM provides advanced solutions for energy traders and analysts to generate greater sustainable value in complex power markets. Leverage your competitive advantage through our instant data visualization and market monitoring mechanisms.

Consolidate your market intelligence with our customized dashboards, highly flexible interfaces and comprehensive market coverage. We have been working with leading market makers since 1999, resulting in the best coverage and features available.

Aurora XMP

Energy Exemplars' AURORAxmp Electric Market Model is the most comprehensive, reliable electricity market forecasting tool available.

AURORAxmp delivers the capability to produce electric market price forecasts, value analysis, uncertainty analysis, and automated system optimization functionality; it also includes one of the finest databases available.


Our insights, technologies and deep market knowledge, help customers and partners make the best use of our world-class data to drive performance and innovation, and move from big ideas to big results.


ICE's services support integrated markets, informed decision-making, productivity and operational efficiency.

With a global mindset and a focus on dynamic market conditions and regulatory requirements, ICE develops and maintains fast, flexible, and accessible technology, enabling advanced trading and risk management.

ZE Powergroup Inc.

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) is an experienced software and strategic consulting firm that combines industry expertise with advanced software development capability.

ZE is the developer of the ZEMA Suite, a robust enterprise data management and analysis solution which facilitates business process automation, systems integration and operational decision support.

ZEMA is a globally recognized, award-winning solution which is used to optimize the functions of operations such as trade and risk, billing and settlements and IT support. ZEMA is created by experts to meet the specific challenges faced by energy and commodity market participants.

Yes Energy LLC.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Yes Energy LLC. provides industry-leading web-based graphical decision support products and analytic services to participants in electric power markets.

Yes Energy's software and data systems are designed to directly assist traders in researching and placing trades.

Yes Energy's combined quantitative analysis, large dataset management, unique visualization and dynamic software applications creates new ways to understand and profit from changes in the electric power market, particularly relating to node-based trading, financial transmission rights (FTRs) and congestion revenue rights (CRR).

Morningstar Commodity Data

Morningstar Commodity Data is a leading provider of data, analytics and research, providing its customers with data management solutions and actionable information in the energy, commodities and financial sectors. Morningstar's clients are among the world's largest energy concerns, utilities, hedge funds, mutual funds, and banks.

Morningstar offers a world-class data warehouse which gathers and distributes data from over 200 different sources in the power, oil, gas, commodities, equities, futures and weather markets. Sources include all the major exchanges, the electricity system operators (ISOs), price providers, major commodity brokers, weather vendors, and other key data services.

In addition to gathering, processing, checking, and distributing more than 500 million data records every month, Morningstar provides data management tools that quickly store and serve up the data. Clients have access to high power research tools for analyzing, back-testing and forecasting the markets.

LCG Consulting

With more than 20 years of experience, LCG Consulting is a pioneer in modeling the competitive energy market.

LCG Consulting offers a full range of consulting services for the electric and gas industries.


DAYZER provides information and tools to assist market participants in analyzing the electricity markets on a location basis, forecast and value transmission congestion, and to understand the fundamental drivers of short- and long-term prices.

Marginal Unit

We can help you understand the market better, make better forecasts, and improve your results. We are software engineers at heart that have a technology-driven mentality. Marginal Unit was founded by a seasoned industry insider and former nodal trader, we know what matters to market participants.

The power markets are some of the most volatile and difficult markets to comprehend. We aim at empowering our customers with the tools needed to get them ahead and thrive.

Live Power

Live Power Intelligence provides real-time information on the power grid to support electric power market participants. They have a network of patented sensors collecting information to gather data that helps markets make better decisions.


Comprehensive look at global oil markets with real-time supply-demand balance. OilX monitors tanker and pipeline oil flows, globally while combining oil sector expertise with data science. The OilX Platform covers all elements of the crude oil supply chain from production to consumption.


Based on RBN's extensive familiarity with the U.S. markets in oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids, and condensate, we compile and analyze market fundamentals data extracted from RBN's comprehensive historical databases and information stores. This data-driven starting point is depicted in the graphic below. We then analyze the data using quantitative methods and models, which provide the basis for our expert strategic interpretation of the data. This commercial interpretation is accomplished by RBN's senior executive team based on decades of practical, hands-on, direct involvement in U.S. energy markets. Finally, we integrate our analysis into a clear and simple consulting service that includes management level presentations with access as necessary to all supporting data and evaluations. It has been RBN's experience with multiple clients that RBN's combination of deep, fundamentals-based analytics with outstanding communication and presentation approaches has provided genuinely valuable strategic input for major management decisions.


Using our Analytical Framework approach, we quickly delivered according to your requirements. i2 Enabled solutions allow you to make the most of Data Alignment, Analytical Models, and Visualizations to optimize your business. Often, time-series data is used to analyze and act on key areas of your business. The combination of Analytical Modeling and Composite Visualizations to quickly compare Time-Series data are a powerful combination. The Domestic Natural Gas market is in a constant state of change. New market drivers change flows on a regular basis, we provide tools to help you align and analyze domestic NG data based on market dynamics. Combining Analytics and Visualization allows companies to pro-activally manage decisions against the appropriate time-windows based on planned/unplanned data internally and in the market.

Refinery Calc

Refinery Calculator (Refinery Calc), a value creation service company that uses a cloud-based refinery optimization model to generate on-demand refining and energy actionable market intelligence.

The companies will work with several other Alliance Partners to combine their complementary technologies, data, information and analytics to develop a comprehensive Global Refining MarketIntel Platform.

Refinery Calc will utilize information to forecast refinery operations intelligence, such as crude slates, crude runs, margins, product yields, energy usage (power and natural gas), over-the-fence hydrogen requirements as well as other meaningful results for:

  • Energy Traders
  • Crude Oil Traders
  • Refined Product Traders
  • Market Analysts
  • Economic and Planning Engineers
  • Industrial Gas Suppliers
  • Bench Markers

Fundamental Analytics

The Fundamental Analytics platform includes a broad variety of fundamental data in a straightforward, user-friendly format that is easy to understand and manipulate.

Browse and analyze fundamental data from many sources in one convenient platform. You can access data quickly on the platform and don't have to visit many different sites to see the data you need. Data sources include the USDA, the DOE, the CFTC, and many others. The platform is updated regularly according to the release schedule for each data source.

Fundamental Analytics provides depth as well as breadth: Each type of fundamental data on the platform goes back at least 15 years and even further in some cases.

Fundamental Analytics is both comprehensive and focused. In addition, it is flexible: let us know if there's a specific data source you'd like to see and we can probably add it to the platform.


In 2014, Kpler released the first cargo-tracking platform for LNG and the success of this product assisted in fostering further growth of Kpler. Since then, we have expanded our portfolio of solutions to more than 25 types of commodities and to new segments of the commodity value chain, while offering our users multiple ways to access and visualize our data.

Argus Media

Argus develops methodologies that reflect the way markets trade. We aim to produce price assessments that are reliable indicators of commodity market values, free from distortion and representative of spot market values. As a result, the specific currencies, volume, units, locations and other specifications of an assessment are determined by industry consensus to facilitate seamless bilateral trade, and we mirror these industry conventions.

World Climate Service

Industry-Leading Long-Range Forecasts and Climate Risk Tools.

The World Climate Service is a comprehensive climate service that provides unparalleled insight for long-lead forecasts. Users benefit from improved forecasting efficiency, industry-leading accuracy, and superior identification and communication of climate risks.

IIR Energy Alliance Partners

IIR Energy's broad network of alliance partners allows users to maximize IIR Energy's supply-side intelligence with state-of-the-art companies that help you predict prices, congestion and commodity movements. IIR Energy has deep relationships with companies like Refinitiv, Yes Energy, Dayzer and many others listed here, which allow you to have a consolidated workflow approach, with maximum results. Here is the list of our partnerships that carry IIR Energy data.

Click on any of our partner affiliates below to view their website.