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IIR Energy provides comprehensive, dynamic, accurate, and easy-to-use market intelligence on the Global Petrochemical Industry, giving market participants a sound, fundamental viewpoint on the supply and logistics of this flourishing market. Clients have access to hands-on knowledge of plant and unit operations, unit turnarounds, new capacity, and unplanned events, allowing users to have a clear understanding of market conditions from the ground level.

IIR Energy supplies Chemical Marketers & Traders with the fundamental market knowledge needed for success in the petrochemical commodities supply chain by delivering continuously updated market intelligence in the chemical sector. Gain Instant knowledge of turnarounds and new capacity additions to predict price direction.

IIR Energy supplies the fundamental market knowledge needed for success in the petrochemical commodities supply chain by delivering continuously updated market intelligence in the chemical sector.

Global petrochemical coverage includes more than 5,000 operational or under-development (new) unit profiles to include key sectors such as ethylene, propylene and butadiene, and aromatics such as benzene, toluene and xylenes. In addition, IIR Energy covers other chemicals derived from petroleum, natural gas, and downstream derivatives, including plastics, resins, and monomers.

Petrochemical Interactive Heat Map

Data last updated: 02/16/2024
Operational Plant
Map By:
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Ethylene Capacity
(M Lbs/yr)
($ Bil)

PetChem Sectors Include

Petrochemicals, Industrial Organic Chemical Producers

Producers of olefins, alcohols, ethylene, and ethylene-based chemicals such as ethylene oxide/ethylene glycol, propylene, methanol and realted products.

Industrial Inorganic Chemicals (Specialty Chemicals)

Major companies engaged in the production of acids, compounds (sodium, phosphate, etc) activated carbon, chemical catalyst, peroxides, and similiar chemicals.

Agricultural Chemical Industry

Bulk liquid and solid (granular, powder) agricultural products producres including fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and intermediates such as urea, ammonia, nitric acid, & ammonium nitrate.


Producers of caustic soda, soda ash (not produced at mines), chlorine (compressed or liquefied), and carbonates (potassium and sodium).


Manufactures of pigments and titanium dioxide. Products include ferric oxide pigments, inorganic pigments, iron oxides, and paint pigments.

Industrial Gases

Manufacturers of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and other industrial gases.


Manufacturers of man-made non-cellulosic, fibers, such as fluorocarbon fibers, elastomeric fibers, acrylonitrile fibers, nylon fibers, polyester fibers, and similiar commodities.

Producers of Other Chemicals

Producers of a variety of chemicals, including explosives, surfactants, inks, dyes, detergents, glues, lubricants, paints & coatings, solvents, fire retardents, chemical preparations, and the compounding of purchased plastics.

Plastics, Rubbers, and Resin Manufacturers

The manufacturing of synthetic resins, plastic materials (polyethylene, polypropylene and similiar commodities), nonvulcanizable elastomers, & synthetic rubber by polymerization or copolymerization.


Manufacturers of surface active agents, emulsifiers, finishing agents, wetting agents and similiar chemicals.
Plastics & Resins
Specialty Chemicals
Industrial Gases
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Installed Base Chemical Capacity Database is a comprehensive, dynamic dataset of global chemical plants that includes details on operations and related processing units. The dataset is continuously updated through IIR Energy's direct research methodology and includes changes to operating status, capacity, equipment, location, ownership, contact information and more.

Key Attributes:

  • Plant Owner & Parent Company
  • Plant Name
  • Unit Name & Status
  • Unit Types
  • Installed Unit Capacity
  • Physical Addresses, Lat/Long
  • SIC & SIC Product Descriptions
  • Plant Startup Date

Petrochemical Turnaround Tracking Database provides comprehensive and continuously updated database of petrochemical unit turnarounds. The database includes past, current and future turnarounds for planned and unplanned events. New turnarounds and updates are delivered daily in real-time through IIR Energy's online dashboard widgets, email alerts, instant messaging and custom reports.

Key Attributes:

  • Planned and unplanned events
  • Shutdown cause with comments
  • Start and stop dates
  • Capacity offline
  • De-rate Percentage (when available)
  • Plant, unit and product details

IIR Energy Weekly Ethylene Turnaround Report: Includes a weekly summary report highlighting ethylene unit turnarounds by world region for current offline events and planned turnarounds for the next 180 days.

Available Global Market Regions:

  • U.S. & Canada
  • Europe & Asia
  • South Asia & Middle East
  • Latin America
  • East Asia

IIR Energy News

Included with your Energy Live platform, IIR Energy provides daily industry news on the global industrial marketplace, with topics that focus on project expenditures, plant and corporate trends and contract awards.

Research Hotline

The IIR Energy hotline is available to you for accurate, fast, live interaction with our frontline research staff to uncover the breaking news and current details on supply disruption events, covering all unplanned & planned shutdowns from weather events, mechanical failure, catastrophes and all other circumstances.

For more information, email or call us at:

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