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PetroCast Live

IIR Energy�s PetroCast Live provides clients with capacity and turnaround information for 80% of the world�s oil refineries. Users are provided real-time updates for all major global downstream refinery units, including: Crude Distillation Units (CDUs), Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCUs), Alkylation Units, Reformers, Cokers, Hydrotreaters and all other primary and secondary units within the refining process, including coverage of ethylene production units.

Installed Base,
Turnarounds & Future
Capacity sum up
supply balance.

Market intelligence of these units helps participants in the oil, gasoline, diesel and residual fuel trading and marketing sectors make better decisions, leading to increased savings and bigger profits. Actionable information and a clear understanding of supply fundamentals help users monetize their assets and positions in the petroleum markets.

PetroCast Live combines the current details for all planned and unplanned turnarounds with information on all new capacity, de-rates, capital projects, crude slates, capacity reductions and product yields in multiple views, helping traders and analysts predict the impact of physical operating conditions on the price of crude and refined products.

PetroCast Live makes understanding the past, current, and future markets easier to quantify and predict by delivering the full supply picture with the most accurate detail in an easy-to-use environment.

Information is delivered through:

  • IIR�s proprietary online database
  • Email delivery of turnaround alerts following discovery and research
  • Daily and weekly reports that show offline capacity
  • Customized Excel tools
  • Interaction with IIR�s research staff by email, phone or instant message

Installed Base

Base Sample

The Global Refining Installed Base coverage, which provides complete plant and unit profile details, is the foundation of PetroCast Live�s global refining market intelligence. Information includes plant and unit configurations, input and output capacities, product mix, and other key data attributes that lay the foundation for accurate downstream modeling. Combined with up-to-date commissioned, decommissioned and pre-commissioned unit statuses, users are provided the accurate global footprint of the downstream fleet.

Installed Base Counts
World Region Plants Decommissioned Plants Units Future Cap Units Decommissioned Units
Asia 263 2 3,368 325 61
North America 181 73 3,968 212 667
Europe 145 9 3,311 39 217
South America 49 5 796 58 21
Middle America 12 3 122 7 36
Oceania 9 1 125 1 13
Grand Total 684 93 11,854 710 1,015

Key Attributes:

  • Crude unit counts and capacities
  • Secondary unit counts capacities
  • Ethylene unit counts and capacities
  • Crude feed slates
  • Plant product menu
  • Ownership structure
  • Location: physical address, lat/long, market region, GIS Map
  • Plant/Unit status, unit type
  • Plant unit configurations
  • Product yield equations
  • Turnarounds


    Turnarounds coverage provides real-time information pertaining to the operational status of the Global Refining Installed Base.

    Accurate, current, and timely key details on all current, planned and unplanned turnarounds allows users to predict and react to market interruptions.

    Instant messaging, email alerts, push/pull FTP reporting, data scrapes and feeds, and other features allow users to easily embrace a wealth of information and monetize a best-in-class market view.

    Key Attributes:

  • Covers planned and unplanned events
  • Outage cause with comments
  • Outage start and stop dates
  • Size, capacity offline, etc.
  • Plant, unit and product details
  • Plant unit status history (from 1996)
  • Product loss reports
  • De-rates
  • Product impact
  • Future Capacity

    Future Capacity

    With IIR Energy�s comprehensive market intelligence and detailed information on all global refinery construction, expansions and additions, users gain the complete market supply perspective on all capacity increases and unit additions as they affect the market�s future supply. With continuous updates and alerts, users have access to up-to-date project information for additional capacity targeted from today onwards.

    Key Attributes:

  • Future construction and unit startup dates
  • Feed type and processing unit type
  • Plant/Unit additions and expansions
  • Detailed, real-time information on all global planned capacity changes
  • Grassroot refinery construction
  • Debottlenecks/Unit creep
  • Environmental spending
  • IIR News

    Included with your PetroCast Live subscription, IIR provides daily industry news on the global industrial marketplace, with topics that focus on project expenditures, plant and corporate trends, and contract awards. Our news is by our research experts in the U.S., Asia, South America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and is exclusive to Industrial Info.


    Need up-to-date details on breaking energy news? Ever wonder if that nuclear unit will be running tomorrow? Require firsthand knowledge close to the source?
    Hit us up on the IIR Energy hotline for accurate, fast, live interaction with our frontline research staff to uncover the breaking news and current details on supply disruption events, covering all unplanned & forced outages from weather events, mechanical failure, catastrophes and all other circumstances.

    Connect via web interface, email, or call us for more information
    Telephone: +1 713 980 1779
    Email: iirteam@iirenergy.com