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About IIR Energy

A provider of market intelligence, news, data, analysis and insights on trends and developments within energy and industrial sectors.

IIR Energy is a market research and data company that specializes in delivering real-time market intelligence to energy traders, marketers and business development professionals around the world. Our mission is to keep our customers connected to the most relevant fact-based industry intelligence so that they can make decisive trading decisions.

Our bottoms-up methodology for reporting fact-based intelligence provides the most comprehensive and essential information that affects supply and demand dynamics of global energy assets. We customize views for Power, Petroleum Products, NGLs and Nat Gas traders through a unique, online platform. Whether itís one commodity our clients are tracking or a combination of all, our flexibility in delivering only what our clientís need is our specialty.

We recognize that most industries are interconnected and events happening in one region have an impact on other geographies Ė hence the ability to provide a top line view of the market as supply/demand profiles change is key in helping our customers understand the complete picture.

Our online database warehouses 30 years of energy market research across 12 distinct industries. More about the database:

On demand access to historical, present and future information. Detailed information on future projects is our expertise.

Separate databases for plants, units, projects and outages/turnarounds.

Bottoms up primary research collected via telephone.

Twice confirmed and continually updated.

Who we serve

IIR Energy serves asset owners, traders, analysts and other market participants with a comprehensive picture of energy assets from a high-level view to granular operational and offline details.

About Industrial Info Resources, Inc

IIR Energy is a division of Industrial Info Resources (IIR), the leading provider of global industrial market intelligence, providing clients with the most accurate and timely project and plant spending intelligence, based on the highest quality-assurance standards in the industry. With IIRís service, its clients are able to access thousands of active project spending opportunities that are directly researched and pre-qualified by IIRís personnel, located in nine research centers around the world. IIR has approximately 550 employees, speaking more than 50 languages, providing quality research based on a single methodology.