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The Leading Provider of Global Market Intelligence for Over 37 Years

Serving Equipment Suppliers, Engineering & Technology Firms, Contractors, Unions, Private Equity, Investors, Risk Management, Asset Owners

Who We Are

The industry leader for
Global Market Intelligence ( IIRGMI ).

Since 1983, we have been helping companies like yours with the most accurate and timely project and plant spending intelligence, based on the highest quality-assurance standards in the industry.

We provide value for you by reducing the time it takes you to qualify project opportunities.

Our Mission

Provide 'Best-in-Class' products and services to help our clients succeed

Industrial Info is built around the idea of helping both our clients and employees be as successful as possible.

For our clients, IIR's goal is to help build business legacies for years to come by providing "best-in-class" products and services. The frequency with which Industrial Info verifies its Global Market Intelligence ( IIRGMI ), coupled with our other quality-assurance and data-integrity principles, is called the Living Forward Reporting Principle™. This principle ensures that Industrial Info provides the most accurate and timely market intelligence on industrial spending throughout the world.

For our employees, Industrial Info strives to create a work environment in which our employees can learn, grow and be fulfilled in the work they do, as well as being recognized and compensated for their achievements. Creating a workplace of hard-working, loyal employees who care about the company and want to stay with IIR for a long time is absolutely essential to providing the best products and services to our clients.

Being honest and truthful when dealing with our clients and employees is the key element of Industrial Info's corporate philosophy: "Say what you mean, mean what you say, and do what you say you mean."

Our Products

Capturing Constantly Updated Intelligence on the Power, Energy and Industrial Infrastructure Markets in one integrated IIRGMI Platform.

Industrial Info's IIRGMI Database is the single data engine powering our product suite, including The PECWeb Dashboard, The Geolocator and the Market Analytics Dashboard, which are now fully integrated into one platform. This approach provides end-users with multiple tools that seamlessly work together to identify, qualify, track, analyze and predict the potential spend within a given market and geography or a Key Account. IIR's IIRGMI Database Platform encompasses Plant, Unit and Equipment Asset detail, Offline Unit Events and Capital and Maintenance Projects in one solution.

Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Providing accuracy and validity in an age of "information overload"

Data Quality and Integrity have always been our main ingredients for success. This has been ingrained into our business culture from the inception. In the beginning, we hired engineering veterans with many years of experience in plant operations to establish a knowledge-based, direct research approach. This provided us with a strong foundation in developing our Research Methodology that is still being used today across the world. Coupled with our unique data hierarchy and knowledge management expertise, we continue to innovate on how we provide new functionality to enhance our Global Market Intelligence ( IIRGMI ) Platform Tools.

Industrial Info's philosophy has always been to directly validate market intelligence before offering it to our clients. We maintain the quality of our intelligence by continually refreshing existing data, while gathering new information on plant assets, key decision makers and capital and maintenance events.

Our Clients

Helping our clients grow and succeed in the industrial marketplace

Our client base includes: engineering and construction firms; equipment manufacturers, suppliers and distributors; industrial plant owners; utilities; energy producers and transporters; insurance and risk management companies; and banking, finance and venture capital firms.

More than 77% of industrial companies in the Fortune 500 are clients of Industrial Info, as well as thousands of privately held clients that rely on our market intelligence services to elevate their sales and marketing efforts. Our high rate of repeated business is testimony to the benefits our clients gain from Industrial Info's products.

Rather than simply selling someone a product or service, Industrial Info seeks to establish a relationship with our clients. Every account has a dedicated client service representative that is always directly available by telephone or email. We regularly enhance existing products and create new ones based on client suggestions and requests.

We want to make sure our clients invest in intelligence that extends value for a long time.
Bottom line, you don't want to invest in something today that you cannot take advantage of tomorrow.
Ed Lewis, CEO of Industrial Info Resources

Our Leadership

Leadership built and growing from a solid foundation

CEO Ed Lewis founded Industrial Info in 1983 and was able to attract effective and seasoned talent, including senior process engineers and plant managers that were taking early retirement due to cutbacks and layoffs brought about by the economic recession of the early 1980s. Together, they built the company's market research methodology and trained the junior staff members who are now part of IIR's leadership team. The company's current research leaders have extensive experience in their respective industries, and together represent more than 256 years of experience at Industrial Info.

Since its founding, Industrial Info has strived to hire creative and motivated individuals, providing them a solid career path with individual responsibility and accountability, and elevating high performers into leadership positions. Our current leadership team continues to mentor the leaders of the next generation, ensuring that Industrial Info's core values and operating principles will extend well into the future.

Our Offices

View our research and sales offices in 17 locations throughout the world.

Industrial Info Resources has research and sales offices in 17 locations throughout the world. Our staff researches in more than 59 languages, and is available 24/7 around the globe to answer your sales, marketing, and research questions.

Sugar Land, Texas (2 Office Locations)
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Washington, D.C.
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Charlotte, North Carolina
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Seoul, South Korea
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Cordoba, Argentina
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Galway, Ireland
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Dubai, UAE
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Gurugram, Haryana (New Delhi), India
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Beijing, China
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Yichang, China
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Kofu-shi, Japan
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Manila, Philippines
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Perth, Australia
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Melbourne, Australia
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World Headquarters - Sugar Land, Texas (2 Office Locations)

Office at Sugar Land Town Square

Office Phone: +1 713 783 5147

Office Hours: M-F: 7:30AM to 6:00PM

Toll Free: +1 800 762 3361

Fax: +1 713 266 9306

Email: customerservice@industrialinfo.com

Address: 2277 Plaza Dr. - Suite 300, Sugar Land, TX 77479, United States | Get Directions

Office at Kensington Place

Office Phone: +1 713 783 5147

Office Hours: M-F: 7:30AM to 6:00PM

Toll Free: +1 800 762 3361

Fax: +1 713 266 9306

Email: customerservice@industrialinfo.com

Address: 1600 Highway 6 South, Suite 390 Sugar Land, TX 77478 | Get Directions

flag Washington, D.C. Sales Office

Office Phone: +1 202 257 1047

Office Hours: M-F: 7:30AM to 6:00PM

Email: customerservice@industrialinfo.com

Address: 2101 L Street NW Suite 300, Washington DC 20037, United States | Get Directions

flag Charlotte, North Carolina Office

Office Phone: +1 704 552 3560

Office Hours: M-F: 8:00AM to 5:00PM

Email: customerservice@industrialinfo.com

Address: 6000 Fairview Road Southpark Towers Suite 1200 Charlotte, NC, 28210 | Get Directions

flag Cordoba, Argentina Office

Office Phone: +54 351 5892452

Office Hours: M-Th: 7:30AM to 5:30PM, F: 7:30AM to 4:30PM

Email: ventas@industrialinfo.com

Address: Av. Recta Martinolli 5727, 2° Piso. (CP X50021FPO). Cordoba, Argentina | Get Directions

flag Galway, Ireland Office

Office Phone: +353 91 700500

Office Hours: M-Th: 8:00AM to 5:30PM, F: 8:00AM to 4:30PM

Email: info@industrialinfo.eu

Address: Industrial Info House, 5 Ballybrit Business Park, Galway, Ireland H91 NHC2 | Get Directions

flag Dubai, UAE Office

Office Phone: +971 445 74382

Office Hours: M-F: 8:30AM to 6:30PM

Email: dubai@industrialinfo.com

Address: Building No.1, Office 103, Dubai Media City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Get Directions

flag Gurugram, Haryana (New Delhi), India Office

Office Phone: +91 11 68180001, +91 11 68180002

Office Hours: M-F: 8:00AM to 5:30PM

Email: india@industrialinfo.com

Address: Suite 601, Palm Court, MG Road, Gurugram (Gurgaon), Haryana 122001 | Get Directions

flag Beijing, China Office

Office Phone: +86 10 8813 1195

Office Hours: M-F: 8:00AM to 5:00PM

Email: china@industrialinfo.com

Address: Building No. 21, Zhongguancun Internet CCI Park No. 1, Liangjiadian, Haidian District, Beijing, China, 100142 | Get Directions

flag Yichang, China Sales Office

Office Phone: +81 55 213 9014

Office Hours: M-F: 8:00AM to 5:00PM

Email: china@industrialinfo.com

Address: 1903 Qingjiang Building, 95 Dongshan Ave., Yichang, Hubei 443002 China | Get Directions

flag Seoul, South Korea Sales Office

Office Phone: +82 2 3468 3835

Office Hours: M-F: 9:00AM to 6:00PM

Email: korea@industrialinfo.com

Address: Shinil Building, #5014, 425, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea | Get Directions

flag Kofu-shi, Japan Office

Office Phone: +81 55 213 9014

Office Hours: M-F: 9:00AM to 6:00PM

Email: japan@industrialinfo.com

Address: Kitaguchi 3-4-33, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan (postcode 400-0024) | Get Directions

flag Manila, Philippines Office

Office Phone: +63 25310-5161

Office Hours: M-F: 8:00AM to 6:00PM

Email: manila@industrialinfo.com

Address: 2401-2402 Exquadra Tower, Exchange Road corner Jade Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1605, Philippines | Get Directions

flag Perth, Australia Office

Office Phone: +61 8 6382 6200

Office Hours: M-F: 8:00AM to 4:30PM

Email: australia@industrialinfo.com

Address: Level 4, Suite 171, 580 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia, WA 6000 | Get Directions

flag Melbourne, Australia Office

Office Phone: +61 3 9225 5290

Office Hours: M-F: 8:00AM to 4:30PM

Email: australia@industrialinfo.com

Address: Level 2, Suite 13, 111 Overton Road, Williams Landing, Victoria, Australia, 3027 | Get Directions

flag Singapore Office

Office Phone: +61 8 6382 6200 (Perth), +61 3 9225 5290 (Melbourne), +81 55 213 9014 (Japan)

Office Hours: M-F: 8:00AM to 4:30PM

Email: singapore@industrialinfo.com

Address: Level 24, 1 Raffles Place Singapore 048616, Singapore | Get Directions