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Conference: Hydrogen Can Boost Decarbonization, Challenges Loom

Conference: Hydrogen Can Boost Decarbonization, Challenges Loom

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SUGAR LAND--October 10, 2022--Written by John Egan for Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas)--Hydrogen's role in decarbonizing the electric-power industry was a much-discussed topic at a Denver conference last week. Speakers on several panels agreed it was a great idea with lots of potential, but eventually the discussion got around to the many challenges, including its high cost, lack of a transportation infrastructure, and the scant availability of electrolyzers, an essential part of separating water into its constituent elements of hydrogen and oxygen.

"It's a hard case to make, given all the uncertainties today," said Thomas Bradley, a systems-engineering professor at Colorado State University (Fort Collins, Colorado). "Hydrogen is in an early stage of maturity right now. Making it pencil out will be a major challenge."

Bradley spoke at the HYDROGENEXT conference, which was co-located with the Experience POWER conference. The conferences took place October 3-6. Both events were sponsored by Access Intelligence LLC (Rockville, Maryland).

Other companies featured: Sargent & Lundy, Caterpillar Incorporated (NYSE:CAT), Sempra Energy (NYSE:SRE), Southern Company (NYSR:SO)