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Outlook Sponsorship Opportunities

2,400 attendees at our last 4 market outlook & networking events

5,700 registrations and 2,700 webinar attendees in our last 4 webinars

Outlook Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring an Industrial Market Outlook
& Networking Event or Webinar from Industrial Info Resources

Sponsoring an outlook or webcast hosted by Industrial Info Resources provides you an opportunity to align your company's brand with a forward looking presentation delivered by some of the industry's most respected thought leaders. Sponsors receive detailed registration information from a captive global audience of industry professionals, providing your sales staff with a platform of quality prospects.

Market Outlook & Networking Events
Upcoming Outlooks
Our Industrial Market Outlooks each include an overview of Industrial Info's forecast of the industrial market as well as a complimentary networking event. Attendees range from engineering and construction firms, equipment vendors, service firms, labor unions, investment banks and more.
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Sponsorship Includes your logo and brief
writeup on:

  • listThe Email Invite sent to 60-70k+ industrialinfo.com users
  • listThe Post Event Email sent to all registered webinar users
  • listThe on-demand webinar viewing website
  • listPress Release Promotions
  • listYour logo will be on all event Popup Stands (logo only)
  • listA PowerPoint slide during & before the event

Sponsorship also includes:

  • listHost recognition during the outlook
  • listPre-registration list before the event
  • listFull attendee list with contact details.

Market Outlook Event Sponsors receive:

  • A table top for literature & trinkets
  • (Does not apply to webinars)

For more information about promoting your brand, please contact:

Natasha Cole - Vice President of Digital Media

Phone: (713) 589-8321

Email: ncole@industrialinfo.com