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By mobilizing IIR's Asset and Project research datasets, customers can perform deep-dive analytics to gain unparalleled insights on industrial market spending trends across the world.

  • IIR has the most comprehensive global energy and industrial asset and project research available.
  • Almost $20 Trillion dollars of active projects and over 330,000+ operational and planned plants being tracked and updated daily.
  • IIR analysts can produce highly customized analysis tailored to your needs.
  • Analysis produced is based on utilizing different combinations of IIR's global Datasets, Data Types and Spending Indicators to generate powerful insights on your target markets.
  • Project analysis can help you identify, the size, location, composition and timing of project spending trends across multiple markets planned for the next 24 months.
  • Using IIR's asset datasets, analysis can be produced to help size the current operational and future planned plant, unit or equipment trends around the world.
  • Delivered in IIR's Market Analytics Engine (MAE).
  • Additional option for delivery via Tableau or PowerBI dashboards.

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