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PECWeb – Global Market Intelligence

A Searchable Platform Customized to Your Needs

Industrial Info’s PECWeb provides comprehensive information on 12 industrial markets. Information ranges from global activity trends to intelligence about specific capital and maintenance projects, as well as highly detailed plant and unit information. PECWeb allows you to stay on top of the latest industrial activity while efficiently and effectively focusing your efforts on the right opportunities.

In addition to being a powerful, searchable platform, PECWeb provides:
  • Key management contact information
  • Plant SIC codes
  • Employee count
  • Map location and driving directions


Our Global Industrial Project Platform contains comprehensive information on more than 100,000 capital and maintenance projects. Coverage spans the entire life of the project, from the early planning stages through RFQs and bidding, to project completion. In addition, unconfirmed project reports provide basic information on projects that we are in the process of verifying and/or still researching.

Information can be filtered in multiple ways and can be as broad or narrow as you want, allowing you to access the data you need to find the opportunities you want.

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Profiles of more than 148,000 operational and pre-commissioned (planned, engineered or under construction) plants are contained in Industrial Info's Global Plant Platform. In addition, information on thousands of decommissioned (closed, mothballed, or shuttered) plants is also available. In addition to information such as startup dates, employee counts and union status, each plant profile contains names and contact details for up to nine functional plant management contacts.

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Maintenance Events

Industrial Info's Maintenance Events tracks planned and unplanned unit equipment outages in the Power, Refining and Oil & Gas industries across the world. The platform includes reports on more than 230,000 past, present and future outage, turnaround and maintenance events.

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Units and Equipment

Industrial Info allows you to obtain even more granular information through our Unit and Equipment platforms, which provide details about installed equipment, including make and models, designed capacity and throughput, and startup/shutdown dates for turbines, generators, refining equipment and more. Our Outage & Turnaround Platform provides past, current and future details on all planned and unplanned outages and maintenance turnarounds.

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Additional Datasets from Industrial Info

Our additional datasets provide expanded coverage of particular industries or market segments outside of our traditional plant and project coverage. Additional information has been developed to accommodate the sales and marketing needs of equipment and service providers pursuing business opportunities in these expanding sectors.

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Industrial Info's Asset Platform provides multiple details about existing and planned equipment across the world in a searchable database format. Detailed profiles are provided for stations, including physical and mailing addresses, telephone number, startup date, employee count, physical lat/longs tied to Google maps, and contact details for key plant personnel. Resulting searches can be mapped providing a visual aspect to all assets.

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