Long-Term Service Agreement (LTSA) Database

Long-Term Service Agreement (LTSA)

Industrial Info's Long-Term Service Agreement (LTSA) Platform tracks the details of LTSAs and preferred contractors for the Power, Chemical Processing, Metals & Minerals and Petroleum Refining industries.

The LTSA Platform helps recognize key third-party players in the daily operations of plants, identifies opportunities to pursue associated maintenance or capital work, and detects key competitors specific to a plant. Search the platform using your own criteria to track LTSA contractors by geography or company. Build queries around LTSAs expiring in specific time periods, or discover where certain LTSA contractors are currently contracted and for what type of craft or trade.

LTSA information for the Power Industry includes details on heavy-frame combustion turbines throughout the world and wind turbines in North America. Industrial Info is expanding our Power LTSA coverage beyond the turbine level to identify plant-level LTSAs for the boiler, water treatment and balance-of-plant services in North American power plants.

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