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Industrial Labor Market Forecasts

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Providing Historical and Forecast Labor Demand, Supply & Wage Rates

As part of our forecasting, Industrial Info provides a unique view of the historical, current and future supply, demand and wage information for skilled craft labor. Sizing future supply and demand across multiple crafts by labor hours, headcount and cost of labor enables planners to support longer-term training and recruitment needs, so that they can be completely aligned to the current and future needs of the market.

IIR's labor information is derived from the forward-looking and historical project information available in our platforms of more than 10,000 capital projects and 7,000 maintenance turnarounds, outages and shutdowns reported annually. Our modeling captures total spending for the market, using historical and future project information, leading economic indicators, as well as commodity and labor pricing forecasts to establish our estimates for each year.

IIR can provide customized reports for different crafts and areas of your choosing. Our subscribers benefit from quarterly updated labor supply/demand forecasts, which enable them to support their labor planning, deployment and strategies and their longer-term training and recruitment initiatives so that they are completely aligned to the current and future needs of the market.

Crafts Currently Available

Gulf Coast Labor Market Analysis

Get detailed information for nine metropolitan areas between Brownsville, Texas, and Pascagoula, Mississippi, including historical and forecast labor hours. Also included are current and forecast wage rates, CAPX & MRO forecasts, and an executive summary detailing the causes and expectations for changes in labor supply and demand.

This report includes:

  • Historic and forecast labor hour needs for each metropolitan area through 2020 for 13 skilled crafts.

  • Industrial capital and maintenance spending estimates through 2020

  • Current wage rates and expectations for the future

  • An executive summary detailing the causes and expectations for changes in labor supply and demand, and more

Great Lakes Labor Market Analysis

Supply, demand and wage statistics for 20 metropolitan areas in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin, with quarterly updates, showing changes as projects are introduced, placed on hold or canceled, and scopes and schedules change.

Oklahoma Labor Market Analysis

With some of the nation's most promising shale plays, drilling activity in Oklahoma remains strong. In addition, windfarm construction is adding billions of dollars of project activity to the state. Stay on top of the state's craft labor suppy, demand and wage rates with Industrial Info's quarterly-updated Oklahoma Labor Market Analysis.

Alabama Labor Market Analysis

Ranging from the busy Port of Mobile to the Tennessee border, this analysis of Alabama's labor supply, demand and wage rates can be purchased separately or bundled with Industrial Info's Gulf Coast Labor Market Analysis.

Upper Midwest/Rockies Labor Market Analysis

Home to a wide array of oil & gas, chemicals and power generation projects, Industrial Info provides labor supply, demand and wage rate analysis for Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. Quarterly updates reflect changes as projects are introduced, canceled, placed on hold, or experience changes in their scopes and schedules.

Ontario Labor Market Analysis

Power projects, pipelines, mining and manufacturing are significant players in Ontario's industrial market. Get a better grasp of how these and other industries are affecting the province's labor market with IIR's Ontario Labor Market Analysis.

Pennsylvania Labor Market Analysis

The prolific gas production from the Marcellus Shale has led to many large-scale, high-dollar projects being planned for Pennsylvania, including several natural gas-fired power plants, chemicals production, pipelines and gas-to-liquids plants. Understand how the timing of these projects affects craft labor supply, demand and wages with Industrial Info's Pennsylvania Labor Market Analysis.

Custom Labor Market Analysis

If your area of interest is not listed, Industrial Info can create customized labor supply, demand and wage reports for the regions and crafts of your choice. Contact us for more information.

Call us today to discuss creating a custom analysis for the areas and crafts that you need!