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Maintenance Events

Industrial Info's Maintenance Event Platform begins at the unit level, identifying unit shutdowns and turnarounds at Power Plants, Refineries, Pipelines, Chemical Plants, Terminals, and Oil & Gas Production and Processing plants. The platform includes reports on more than 230,000 past, present and future outage, turnaround and maintenance events. For each maintenance event, associated plant profiles, unit information, project outage reports and maintenance reports are available.

Planned and unplanned maintenance outages are thoroughly monitored by our unit-tracking research teams and are continually updated, providing information including:


Maintenance events reported for the Chemical Industry include major petrochemical and key downstream derivative units that influence the chemicals commodity market. Currently the types reported include:


Maintenance event information includes details for units at Pipeline Compressor and Pump Stations, Oil Sands Production, Offshore Production, LNG Liquefaction, Natural Gas Processing, NGL Fractionation, and much more.

Units covered include:


Refining Turnaround reports provide information on all planned and unplanned refining-related turnarounds, with individual documentation for specific refinery units, including:


Reported power-related events include not only outages in the Electric Power Industry, but also events for industrial energy producers across 12 industrial sectors covered by Industrial Info. Units covered include:

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