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Pecweb Dashboard


Find the best available information on plants, projects and units using a variety of search criteria.


Industrial Info's global platform provides subscribers with details on a wide variety of projects across 12 industries. With PECWeb, users can apply filters to search for projects, plants or individual units by ownership, geography, trading regions or industry. Information is updated on a regular basis and reflects the highest quality-assurance standards.

The platform offers multiple contacts and current schedules for more than 100,000 current and future opportunities, covering more than 800 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes. Subscribers need look no further for details on what labor and equipment is required for a project to begin or complete construction; what environmental requirements must be met; and when future development stages are expected to be completed.

All reports can be saved and printed as PDF files.

PECWeb Dashboard
  • From the front page of Industrial Info's PECWeb Dashboard, subscribers can access the platforms for projects, plants and individual units, each of which uses factors such as geography, ownership, capacity and investment value to filter results.
  • Subscribers also can search by boilers and drives at individual plants, and assets such as pipelines, production fields and transmission systems.
  • PECWeb's Maintenance Event Search provides users with details on power outages, refinery turnarounds, and oil and gas shutdowns. These fields are searchable using all applicable criteria from project and plant searches.
  • Subscribers also can get a glimpse of the latest projects added, as well as Industrial Info's latest news articles.
pecweb saved searches and tracking list
Saved Searches and Tracking List
  • Industrial Info's PECWeb Dashboard is a convenient tool that allows users to set up scheduled searches to run automatically. Users are notified when new/updated information is available, and can save their most frequently used searches for quick access!
  • The Dashboard also features a Tracking List, which allows users to follow up to 100 individual projects as they are changed or updated. Up to 50 lists can be saved at any one time.
  • Single users or multiple-user organizations can access PECWeb Dashboard on all mobile and tablet devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Users can customize tracking lists and saved searches for plant profiles and project reports.
pecweb graph
  • Industrial Info's graphing features include up-to-the-minute data on the latest trends within all 12 industries, as well as overall project-spending trends in North America.
  • Project report graphing allows users to sort data by specific information derived from industry, geography, project status, fuel type and more.
  • Graph data can be exported into Excel documents.

PECWeb Geolocator

Pecweb geolocator

Industrial Info's PECWeb Geolocator is a geospatial tool that transforms search results into a high-level geographic representation of activity, without being overpowered by the amount of data being analyzed. The interactive tool gives you immediate analysis in the form of heat maps, bar graphs and summarization tables--all pertinent to the intelligence you need to know. You can directly link to PECWeb plant, project and unit reports from the tool.

Features include:
  • Data Visualization - View your queries based on color-coded heat maps to provide quick summaries of results by project count or value.
  • pecweb advanced geolocator
  • Radius Searches - Find results based on radius searches around a particular location or reference point. Radius searches produce cluster maps for projects. The ability to drill down into each area allows you to link directly to project reports by geography.
  • pecweb advanced geolocator
  • Summarized Reports - Display queried results by state, market region, county and plant through interactive tables and charts.
  • pecweb advanced geolocator
  • Data Display - Clustered and radius data can be output to search results pages, providing additional functions such as PDF generation, Ask Us inquiries and data graphing.
Advanced Features:
  • Duration Models - Analyze spending statistics from a put-in-place perspective. In the duration model feature, project spending is distributed across the development cycle of a project, and spending is allocated in every month of construction.
  • Probability Factors - IIR's industry experts assess each individual project to determine the probability of execution. In this feature, users can select projects that are likely to move forward, moving forward, or not likely to move forward. When graphing your output, future spending can be analyzed by these values.

Labor Geolocator

A standalone Labor Geolocator product is also available. This tool allows companies to know the labor demand landscape surrounding a specific plant or project. Using the radius feature, companies can select a given plant location and analyze the amount of labor demand activity occurring around their location at specific time periods. Features include heat mapping based on labor demand, with drilldown capability to the actual projects. Users can map project spending and related labor demand hours by craft at the country/state level to show craft labor demand "hotspots." Finally, perform radius searches for labor demand forecasts around a specific location. Subscribing to the underlying project data gives you the ability to hyperlink to reports.

Understand craft labor demand on a month-by-month basis, based on Industrial Info's "on-the-ground" plant and project information.

PECWeb My Data

Pecweb mydata

Industrial Info's PECWeb My Data tool, a personalized service for the PECWeb Dashboard, allows users to add their own additional information alongside IIR's data from any platform they have access to.

Some of the My Data Features and Benefits are:

pecweb functionality
CRM-Like Functionality
  • Utilizing a format similar to a typical CRM, users can input additional companies, contacts, opportunities, task reminders and notes that are identified outside the scope of IIR's data.
  • Qualify and track your successes and losses to prove ROI.
  • Create saved queries for the active opportunities that you are working.
Site Authentication
Client Authentication
Product Authentication
Proprietary Data Protection
  • Securely store your My Data information as they relate to an opportunity identified by IIR
  • My Data provides 3 levels of security:
    • Site Authentication – Each user is required to have their own username and password.
    • Product Authentication – platform access requires subscription security to allow a user to view IIR's information.
    • Client Authentication – Only users within that organization can input and see the "My Data" by that organization.
pecweb share data
Share Data within Your Organization
  • Assign and share information with members of your organization.
  • IIR My Data Alerts keep your users updated on activity. If a record is updated, an email will go out to any assigned users or any shared users to alert them that an update has occurred.
  • My Data Admin - Have the ability to customize/rename areas of PECWeb My Data, such as the MyStatus and category options to be similar to your own organization's processing and naming conventions.
  • Combine the My Data section with IIR's results-driven reports to analyze and report the direct ROI from IIR for your sales reps and regions.
  • Flag projects as direct leads for your internal CRM and IIR's CRM DataFeed service to send you direct updates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Subscribers to MyPECWeb, a personalized service for PECWeb Dashboard, now have access to the My Data Admin section, where they can change their statuses, categories or user-defined fields, as well as export their data in an easier format than before. Users now will have one system to manage both their PECWeb data and My Data.