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Units & Equipment

The Equipment and Unit Search tools allows users to seek details on boilers, turbines, compressors, pumps, generators as well as additional onsite equipment using very specific search criteria. Search results span all industries and are available for planned, operational and decommissioned units and equipment. All search results include the plant profiles available in our Global Plant Platform, including plant owner/operator, key contact details, physical and mailing addresses, startup/shutdown dates, and other detail.

Boiler search criteria include:

  • Boiler manufacturer
  • Boiler type (fluidized bed, chemical recovery, HRSG, etc.)
  • Boiler Information (Model, Firing Types, Steam Drum Parameters, Environmental Controls where available)
  • Unit name
  • Unit capacity (MW)
  • Capacity/steam output (LBS/hour or TONS/hour)
  • Boiler pressure (PSIG or BAR)
  • Minimum/maximum temperatures (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
  • Power usage (baseload, intermediate, peak)
  • Primary/secondary fuel types and Specific Biomass Fuels identified in the Boiler info field where applicable
  • Status (operational, planned, decommissioned)
  • Startup/shutdown dates
  • Estimated value and more

Drive Search:

Search Turbines, Engines and Motors driving Compressors, Pumps and Generators

Search criteria include:

  • Drive types (Engines, Motors, Aero or Heavy Frame Gas Turbines, Wind, or Hydro etc.)
  • Drive manufacturer
  • Drive name
  • Drive information (Model, Inlet Cooling, Environmental Controls, Control Systems info where available)
  • Driven types (Compressor, Pump, Generators)
  • Driven manufacturer
  • Driven equipment information (Model, MVA, kV, RPM, Cooling info where available)
  • Search by Capacity in Horsepower or Megawatt
  • Fuel type
  • Startup/shutdown dates
  • Status (operational, planned, decommissioned)
  • Utility/non-utility