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Chemical Processing Industry

The Chemical Processing Industry encompasses a broad range of products, including petrochemical and inorganic chemicals, plastics, detergents, paints and pigments, and more.

Industrial Info's Chemical Processing Industry Platform contains consistently updated information on approximately active capital and maintenance projects with a combined value of and more than operational and pre-commissioned plants. In addition, the platform includes information on thousands of canceled or on-hold projects and inactive or decommissioned plants.

Along with plant and project information, contact details for more than key decision-makers for projects and key plant contacts are consistently verified and updated, providing you with direct access to the people you need to find!

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Major segments of our Chemical Processing Platform include:

  • Petrochemicals, Industrial Organic Chemical Producers
  • Producers of olefins, alcohols, ethylene and ethylene-based chemicals such as ethylene oxide/ethylene glycol, propylene, methanol and related products.

  • Industrial Inorganic Chemicals (Specialty Chemicals)
  • Major companies engaged in the production of acids, compounds (sodium, phosphate, etc), activated carbon, chemical catalyst, peroxides, and similar chemicals.

  • Industrial Gases
  • Manufacturers of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, argon and other industrial gases.

  • Agricultural Chemical Industry
  • Bulk liquid and solid (granular, powder) agricultural product producers, including fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and intermediates, such as urea, ammonia, nitric acid, and ammonium nitrate.

  • Plastics, Rubbers, and Resins Manufacturers
  • The manufacturing of synthetic resins, plastic materials (polyethylene, polypropylene and similar commodities), nonvulcanizable elastomers, synthetic rubber by polymerization or copolymerization.

  • Pigments
  • Manufacturers of pigments and titanium dioxide. Products include ferric oxide pigments, inorganic pigments, iron oxides, and paint pigments.

  • Fibers
  • Manufacturers of manmade non-cellulosic fibers, such as fluorocarbon fibers, elastomeric fibers, acrylonitrile fibers, nylon fibers, polyester fibers, and similar commodities.

  • Producers of Other Chemicals
  • Producers for a variety of chemicals, including explosives, surfactants, inks, dyes, detergents, glues, lubricants, paints and coatings, solvents, fire retardants, and chemical preparations, and the compounding of purchased plastics.

  • Chlor-Alkali
  • Producers of caustic soda, soda ash (not produced at mines), chlorine (compressed or liquefied), and carbonates (potassium and sodium).

  • Surfactants
  • Manufacturers of surface active agents, emulsifiers, finishing agents, wetting agents and similar chemicals.

Chemical Processing Industry Project Platform

Our Chemical Processing Project Platform covers projects from the early planning stages through engineering and RFQs, to project completion.

Project Activities Included:

  • Major maintenance shutdowns & turnarounds
  • Grassroot construction
  • Expansions, upgrades & additions
  • Retrofits
  • Restarts
  • Decommissioning
    • Electrostatic precipitator (ESP)
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Scrubber
    • Vapor/vent collection systems
    • Oil/water separators
    • Thermal oxidizers
    • Baghouses
    • Equalization tansk
    • CEMS
    • Dust collection
    • Filters
    • Spill containment/liners
    • Groundwater monitoring wells
    • Vent hoods
    • Clarifier
    • Low NOx burners
    • Leak detection
    • Flare
    • And More!
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Project Information Included:

  • Project scope & schedule
  • RFQ & Bid dates
  • Key project milestones
  • Project location
  • SIC and product codes
  • Plant owner & parent company
    • Design-build
    • Engineering
    • General contractors
    • Construction managers
    • And much more
  • Contact information for key decision-makers
    • Agitators
    • Process columns
    • Reactor vessels
    • Compressors
    • Condensers
    • Process controls
    • Scrubbers
    • Boilers
    • Silos
    • Dryers
    • Evaporators
    • Extruders
    • Heat exchangers
    • Precipitators
    • Fractionators
    • Furnaces
    • Heaters
    • Controls (DCS/PLC)
    • And More!

Chemical Processing Plant Platform

Our Chemical Processing Industry Plant Platform includes detailed plant profiles for operational sites; pre-commissioned sites (planned, engineered or under construction); and decommissioned sites (closed, mothballed or shuttered).

Each plant profile includes:

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