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The Power Industry

Without the Power Industry, no other industrial sectors could exist, making it the world's largest in the number and value of projects and facilities. As developing economies continue to expand their power bases to meet growing demand, the number of Power Industry projects across the world is constantly increasing. In developed economies, aging infrastructure and increased legislation regarding emissions and the use of renewable energy are driving capital spending.

Industrial Info provides the most extensive market intelligence for the Power Industry, providing accurate, consistently updated information about plants, capital and maintenance projects, equipment needs and much more.

Our Power Industry Platform provides information on more than operational and pre-commissioned plants, active projects with a combined value of , as well as information on thousands of canceled or on-hold projects, hundreds of inactive and decommissioned facilities, and more than individual unit profiles.

Along with plant, project and unit information, contact details for more than key decision-makers for projects and key plant contacts are consistently verified and updated, providing you with direct access to the people you need to find!

Industrial Info also offers a range of Niche Power Industry Platforms focused exclusively on power generation with detailed unit profiles and activity, renewable energy, coal-fired generation, environmental compliance, emissions information, and long-term service agreements.

View the full range of SIC codes and descriptions covered in our Power Industry Platform.

Opportunities covered in our Power Industry Platform include:

  • Utilities
  • Municipality, cooperative, government-agency, and investor-owned utilities with generation capacities of 5 MW and greater

  • Independent Power Producers (IPPs)
  • Non-utility generators, merchant and qualified facilities with generation capacities of 5 MW and greater

  • Industrial Energy Producers (IEPs)
  • Owners of industrial manufacturing plants with on-site electric generation, back-up generation, or cogeneration of 5 MW and greater that is privately owned and operated

Power Industry Project Platform

Our Power Industry Project Platform covers projects from the early planning stages through engineering and RFQs, to project completion.

Project Activities Included:

  • Expansions
  • Refurbishments and Modernizations
  • Grassroot construction
  • Major maintenance shutdowns
  • Repowering
  • Fuel conversions
  • Equipment additions, upgrades and retrofits
  • Combined-cycle conversions
  • Nuclear plant relicensing
  • Life-extension projects
  • Generator Uprates
  • Control system upgrades
  • Demolition
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Baghouses
    • Scrubbers
    • Electrostatic precipitators
    • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
    • Selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR)
    • Low-NOx burners
    • Ash handling
    • Continuous emissions monitoring (CEMS)
    • Stacks, etc.

Project Information Included:

  • Project scope & schedule
  • RFQ & bidding dates
  • Key project milestones
  • Project location
  • SIC codes
  • Plant owner & parent company
    • Design-build
    • Engineering
    • General contractors
    • Construction managers
    • And much more
  • And much more
  • Contact information for key decision-makers
      • Combustion
      • Steam
      • Hydro
      • Wind
    • Generators/exciters
    • Transformers & switchgear
      • Fluidized bed
      • Incinerator/mass burn
      • Fired tube
      • Water tube
    • Compressors
    • Inlet air coolers
      • Nuclear pressurized water reactor (PWR)
      • Boiling water reactor (BWR)
    • Economizers
    • Heaters
    • Cooling systems & condensers
    • Fuel-handling prep/storage
    • Burner systems

Power Industry Plant Platform

Our Power Industry Plant Platform includes detailed plant profiles for more than 50,500 operational, pre-commissioned and decommissioned facilities. Industrial Info is currently tracking over key contacts, and maintaining unique email addresses in the Power Industry.

Each plant profile includes:

Power Asset Tracking

Power Unit Platform

Access information on more than 74,800 installed power generation units and new-build units across the world in Industrial Info's Power Unit Platform. Unit details are provided across all industries and include units owned by independent energy producers, utilities, and industrial energy producers (captive power plants).

Unit profiles include the following:

Power Unit Outage Platform

Industrial Info provides access to more than historic, ongoing and future unit maintenance outages at more than power stations across the globe. Planned and unplanned outages are thoroughly monitored and continually updated, providing information on each unit including:

Listings of previous unit turnarounds are available with the click of a button, as well as the associated Plant Profiles and Project Reports featured in our Power Industry Platform.

Turbine Profiles

Industrial Info's Turbine Platform contains details on more than turbines that support power stations across the world.

Information includes:

Boiler Profiles

Industrial Info's Boiler Platform provides profiles of boilers used in the power industry throughout the world. Details are available for more than units owned by utilities, independent energy producers, and industrial energy producers (captive power plants).

Profiles include:

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