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IIR's Industrial Outlook Conferences
Several times each year, Industrial Info holds executive briefings to summarize its outlook for industrial market spending. These complimentary briefings typically start late in the afternoon and include plenty of networking time where you could speak directly with Industrial Info's industry experts and with other companies working in industrial markets.

The average briefing is attended by executives with responsibilities in marketing, business development, and sales representing equipment vendors, distributors, manufacturing firms, engineering and construction firms, power companies, oil producers or refiners, labor organizations, and financial service companies.

Our Industrial Market Outlooks all include a top-line summary of economic indicators, overview of Industrial Info's forecasting methodology, and detailed examinations of project spending activity in three or four industries that are particularly important to that particular region.

Each briefing includes the most current, updated data for industrial project spending. Our rigorous quality-assurance process means that each briefing contains fresh data and brand-new forecasts. We don't present stale, warmed-over data from last year or last quarter!

Who Should Attend? Companies that would benefit
• CEOs
• Presidents and Senior Management
• Business Partners and Owners
• Sales & Marketing Professionals
• Business Development Professionals
• Strategic Planning Professionals
• Product Development Personnel
• Operations Managers
• Customer Service Managers
• Project Managers and Engineers
• Consultants and Energy Traders
• Investors, Fund Managers and Brokers
• E&C Firms
• A&E Firms
• Engineers
• Consultants
• General Contractors
• Subcontractors
• Equipment Vendors
• Service Firms
• Manufacturers Reps
• Distributors
• Labor Unions
• Investment Banks

Upcoming Outlook Conferences