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We provide value to our customers by gathering, confirming, updating and disseminating information about industrial plants and their spending activities around the world so they can make timely and intelligent business decisions.

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IIR's Active Project Coverage
World Region CAPX/MRO
North America 25,960 $2,587
Middle America 1,086 $121
South America 12,040 $989
Europe 23,162 $1,841
Africa 4,941 $897
Asia 49,788 $6,380
Oceania 3,033 $411
Totals 120,010 $13,226
*Investment values in billions U$D
Platform Solutions
A global platform of project opportunities across twelve industrial markets.
Analytics & Insights
Top-Down Market Forecasting. Get a prebuilt forecast or one customized to your needs.
Industrial Maps
Industrial Maps with plant details, project spending information and equipment data.