Forecasts & Analytical Products

Now Availabile in Power BI and Tableau

5 Year Industrial Spending Forecasts

Forecasts on industrial plant spending that estimates annual capital and maintenance budgets across 12 industries.

  • 5-Year historical and 5YR forecasts of project spending
  • Geographical options by Market Region, Country, State or tailored to your sales territories
  • Multi or single industries and individual sectors
  • Capital spending can be broken down in Grassroot, Expansions/Unit Additions and In-Plant Capex
  • Access via Tableau, Power BI or Excel
  • Updated quarterly

Customized Equipment & Services Spending Forecasts

Forecasts spending tailored to your specific equipment or services across multiple industries, sectors and geographies.

  • 5-Year historical and 5-Year forecasts of project spending
  • Forecast is customized to size the market specific to your equipment or service
  • Capital and Maintenance spending demand
  • Customizable to fit your specific geographies, sales territories, industries or sectors
  • Access via Tableau, Power BI or Excel
  • Updated quarterly

Market Outlooks

Analysis on the current and short term outlook for project spending and asset development across different markets.

  • Short-term 1-2YR market outlooks
  • Ability to analyze and segment IIR's global project, plant and unit data
  • Analysis can include assessment and inclusion of IIR's spending indicators and indices to help identify attractive markets
  • One-off reports or bi-annual/quarterly updates to align to your strategy & planning cycles
  • Delivered via Powerpoint or Excel
  • Option viewing analysis in Tableau or Power BI Dashboards

Labor Analytics
Supply - Wages - Demand

Market sizing on the current and prevailing craft labor supply and demand dynamics and trends in wage rates.

  • Historical, current and future supply, demand and wage rate forecasts.
  • Estimated travelers, per diems and utilization rates for skilled craft labor.
  • Sizes future supply & demand across multiple crafts by labor hours, headcount and cost.
  • Enables our subscribers to support their labor planning, deployment and strategies and training and recruitment initiatives.
  • Access via Powerpoint reports or online GeoLabor tools.
  • Updated quarterly

Market Analytics

IIR's market analytics products provide a valuable input to support your go-to-market planning to help validate and stress test your existing assumptions on the current and future industrial project investment trends.