Platform tools for identifying, qualifying and tracking plant assets, projects and unit offline events


IIR covers capital and maintenance projects, plants, and units/equipment, as well as additional datasets within 12 industrial markets globally. Search for specific opportunities by targeted criteria such as ownership, geography, project schedule, project value, industry, contacts and much more. Utilize IIR's Widget Library, and create interactive graphs and charts on your Dashboard to quickly narrow down to the market intelligence most important to your business. Reports are updated on a regular basis, so you constantly have access to the most up-to-date information.

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Using ( IIRGMI ) PECWeb's My Data tool, you can add your own additional information alongside IIR's data to track and get updates on relevant opportunities. Some of the My Data Features and Benefits are:
CRM-Like Functionality
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Input additional companies, contacts, opportunities, task reminders and notes like a typical CRM to track ROI.

Propriety Data Protection
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Securely store your My Data through our 3 levels of security: Site, Product and Client Authentication Requirements.

IIR's FTP Feed
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Flag projects to feed targeted leads to your sales team through your own internal CRM.

Corporate Admin
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Manage your subscriber accounts with the new Corporate Admin redesign, which includes brand new Subscriber Search, Subscriber Search Results, and Subscriber Profile screens, essential widgets for quick, at-a-glance insight into user account details, saved search alerts, tracking list alerts, and more!