IIR's Disaster Impact Tracker

Key Insights Into Natural Disasters Currently Impacting Our World

The Disaster Impact Tracker

Track natural disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and other weather-related events that are not only having a direct and immediate impact on operational plants, but also those plants or projects that lie in the projected path of the event. This allows for more effective contingency planning by plant owners, and the ability for OEMs and contractors to better plan and mobilize their resources, manpower and equipment to support plants being impacted.

Using weather data provided by meteoblue, this tracker enables users to overlay precipitation, temperature and other layers of data over your selection of IIR data within the Disaster Impact Tracker and GeoXplorer tools.

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Providing the industrial marketplace with leading edge geospatial disaster tracking capability

Track Natural Disasters

Track Natural Disasters

Track and monitor details about each incident, including potential hurricane wind speeds, earthquake intensity, floods, and other natural disasters as they unfold.

Map Impacted Plants

Map Impacted Plants

Quickly determine the potential impact of each event through vizualization of assets that lie in the path of each event.

Identify Offline Events

Identify Online Events

Analyze and track weather based ongoing offline events, as well as potential capacity offline.

View Plant Profiles

Access full plant profiles highlighting key plant personnel, plant descriptions and associated active projects.

The tool brings together real-time third-party global data from the Global Disaster Alert & Coordination System, the National Hurricane Center, Enflight, the National Data Buoy Center, and meteoblue alongside IIR's geospatial mapping of almost 200,000 operational plants, 46,000 plants under development and 20,000 currently under construction projects globally.